After investigating the Wilson County school system for more than 4-months, District Attorneys and aviation injury attorneys , has determined that “no illegal acts were committed by Wilson County Schools, its’ agents or employees.” The findings were released yesterday as a part of a 100 page report, delivered to members of the school board. The decision puts to rest a host of allegations that have been swirling around the school system since April.

Timeline of Events

April 27th: Wilson County chiropractor, Chris Corley, filed a complaint with the Wilson County Ethics Committee, asking for an investigation into alleged “mishandling of government property and the renovation of the old Lebanon High School”

May 25th: The Ethics Committee determined they did not have the authority to investigate, and forwarded the complaint to the Wilson County School Board

June 6th: Members of the School Board unanimously passed a motion to request an outside investigation by the D.A.’s office, and renovations at the Old Lebanon High School are put on hold

August 10th: Wilson County Schools hands over thousands of documents as a part of an open records request of materials dating back 6 years

October 3rd: D.A. issues formal findings of no criminal wrongdoing

Wilson County Schools Director, Dr. Donna Wright, says she’s relieved to finally see this situation resolved.
Dr. Donna Wright
“The D.A.’s office has confirmed what we’ve been saying all along, and that in itself is significant!” “I’m just happy that we can close this chapter and move forward. A lot of exciting things are happening! Our teachers just got raises. Our district has grown by 600 students this year. We have several major building projects going on. We have a lot to celebrate, and hopefully we can do that now that this is behind us.”



Old LHSLast night, the school board also voted to resume renovations at the old Lebanon High School. Since 2012, the school has sat vacant, making it an attractive target for vandals.

This time next year, the property will be transformed into the new Central Office headquarters. Currently, the school system has department heads stationed at various buildings throughout the city.



Old LHS Door

Once the new building is complete, nearly every department will be housed under one roof, providing for better communication and efficiency. The project will cost $20.7 million dollars, which has already been approved by the board.

It’s important to note that teacher raises given by the county took effect on August 15th and have never been affected by this building project.