Late yesterday afternoon, Central Office began receiving phone calls from principals, who said that, over the past 48 hours, they had started to receive requests from teachers, who are applying to take a sick day on Monday.  In light of that, Schools Director, Dr. Donna Wright, issued a memo to principals this morning, outlining the following points:

  • Teachers who have elected, at the last minute, NOT to come to work on Monday will need to notify their students’ parents NO LATER THAN TONIGHT, that they will not be at work on Monday. A substitute teacher will be filling in for them.  They are being required to do this, so parents can make an informed decision about whether to send their child to school on Monday.
  • Substitute teachers, who are currently being contacted to work on Monday, WILL NOT be able to participate in any of the planned viewing activities or other special events outside the classroom, OR take students outside… because we cannot place that responsibility on a substitute teacher, who has not had the opportunity to take part in the planning and preparation.  This does NOT impact teachers who gave us advanced notice that they would be out on Monday, because those substitutes have already been trained.
  • Those individuals will also need to let their colleagues know that they have elected to call in sick on Monday, because if we are unable to cover the classrooms with adequate substitutes on Monday, those teachers who are coming to work may need to cover their classes, by rotating coverage through the day.

If this impacts your child’s classroom, you should receive an email by the end of school today.