The vision of the Wilson County Adult Education program is continuous improvement in the educational services so that the students (customers) will be motivated to become lifelong learners and to provide accountability that shows Adult Education provides a vital service to the community as well as the individual students.


Whether you are 17 or 70, it is never too late to get your GED!!!

Step-by-Step Process

  • It is necessary to phone the Adult Learning Center at (615)443-8731 or stop by at 107 North Greenwood Street, Lebanon TN in order to make an appointment to be evaluated.
  • The evaluation process takes two to three hours and allows the staff to determine the academic level of each new student.
  • A student completed a registration form, has his/her picture taken, and allows copies to be made of his/her Tennessee Identification Card, which are necessary to take the GED test.
  • An appointment is made for each new student to attend an orientation at which time his/her scores are discussed, an individual analysisof test scores received, and an individual education plan is developed.

The need for the GED in Wilson County exists because...

Due to growth rate, availability of land, and a positive environment, numerous new businesses and expansion of old businesses are occuring.
Prospective employers are seeking a trained or trainable workforce which must be competent.
A large precentage of businesses and industries in Wilson County are requiring high school or GED diplomas.
Eighty percent of new jobs created in the next two decades will require post secondary education.
Over 35% of Wilson County citizens, eighteen years or older are in need of a GED or high school diploma.


Immediate and lifelong benefits of the GED...

Studies indicate GED graduates will earn between $7000 and $9000 more per year than a high school dropout.

Additional lifetime earnings for a GED graduate would be a minimum of $280,000 to $360,000 if he/she began work at age 25 and retired at 65.

Since Tennessee averages 13,000 GED graduates per year, the state's earning power increases at least $91 million annually.

More than 95% of colleges, universities, and technical schools, as well as the military, recognize the GED diploma as equivalent to the traditional high school diploma.

GED graduates perform as well as traditional high school graduates in post-secondary education and comprise 7-10% of entering freshmen.

Businesses and industries are positively affected by a larger pool of GED applicants from which to choose.