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What is the KIDS’ Club Program?

The KIDS’ Club extended school program provides quality care in an environment that is safe and enriching for each child enrolled. This service is provided during the hours when there may be no adult supervision in the home. In the program, children will have the opportunity to take part in activities which will benefit them socially, emotionally, physically and academically. KIDS’ Club includes crafts, sports and games, art, music, computers, homemaking activities, snacks and many other creative and cultural pursuits. The KIDS’ Club program is planned and conducted by a staff trained to meet the needs of children and to provide positive adult role models. There is flexibility enough to accommodate children from different age groups and at the same time to fulfill the special needs of individuals. KIDS’ Club supplements and supports the child’s experiences at home and at school. KIDS’ Club is a quality program designed with the working family in mind. However, any parent, working or non-working, may enroll his/her child. The KIDS’ Club extended school program is a non-discriminating organization.

Enrichment Activities

A variety of enrichment activities will be offered to your child during the program. Some programs such as karate and dance may be offered as an option to you. Many parents are pleased to have these lessons completed during the afternoon so that their evenings will be free for family activities. We will strive to provide a stimulating environment for each child through a diverse curriculum.

Extended School Programs make a difference

The child is happier because they feel less stress and fear of being alone. They have a better self-concept as a result of the enrichment program. They should have an increase in social and academic performance at school. The parent is happier because they feel an increase in support and cooperation with the school. They have reduced stress regarding their child’s safety and the arranging of childcare. They see an increase in family quality time. They can become a more productive person in the work place due to a less stressful personal life. The Employer is happier because they have more productive employees who are not pre-occupied with stress over their child’s safety. They see fewer times when a parent must leave work to get the children at school. They experience reduced absenteeism due to “child care.”

KIDS’ Club Schedule

KIDS’ Club operates daily on a year-round basis, including snow days, teacher in-service days, during intercession and during the summer. All sites will be closed for the following holidays:

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Day

and the day following Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

New Year’s Day

Memorial Day

July 4th

Operating Hours
Before School—6:00 a.m. until school starts After School—School dismissal until 6:00 p.m. Any Full Day Session—6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Weekly Tuition for KIDS' Club

Before School CareOne Child$10.00
 Two Children$20.00
 Three Children$30.00
After School CareOne Child$65.00
 Two Children$100.00
 Three Children$125.00
Both SessionsOne Child$75.00
 Two Children$120.00
 Three Children$155.00
Full DayOne Child$85.00
 Two Children$145.00
 Three Children$190.00
Daily Full DayPer Child$20.00 per day

Where do I get more information on this program?
Gayle Hooper, Director 453-3570