Lebanon High School Mission Statement

The mission of Lebanon High School is to challenge all students to exceed educational standards through rigorous courses of study that are relevant to real-world applications, and to encourage students to develop positive relationships through varied interests which will inspire them to be productive and successful citizens in an ever-changing workplace.

ATTENTION PARENTS/GUARDIANS: Please take a second to read the attachement and complete the questionnaire.

Tickets for the spring musical THE WIZARD OF OZ are now on sale . The school’s bookkeeper Cindy Climer is in charge of the advanced sales. She may be reached for information at 615-444-9610 Ext. 3203. Tickets from now until April 23 are $5 for everyone. On April 24,25,26 (the dates of performances) the tickets may only be purchased at the ticket table and adult tickets will be $10, while children age 5 and up and student tickets will remain $5. The start time for the play is 7:00 pm.


“There’s no place like home!”

Seniors, Balfour will be here during lunch on Wednesday, April 16 to deliver the orders you placed in the fall.  If you placed an order, you will receive an envelope with your total balance that will be need to paid that day before picking up your items.  Students who have paid their senior fee will receive their caps and gowns on senior day.  Please, see Mrs. Davis in the bank if you have any questions.


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This tip line is available for parents as well as students and reports can be made to the School Resource Officers either anonymously or with contact information. Any information involving violence, alcohol, drugs or other safety issues can be reported this way.


 A Safer LHS

WE WON CelebrateMyDrive!!!!!!

Thanks for the $100,000.00 State Farm!!!!!



TN Department of Education information on Bullying


LHS is a bully free school.  Bullying of any shape or form will not be tolerated.  Everyone has the right to feel good about themselves.  A bully is someone who feels small inside and they want everyone else to feel like them.  Just remember, if someone bullies you, they are the one with the problem, not you.  Please let either a teacher or administrator know so they can help you. 

Sometimes people need a helping hand. Because LHS cares about our students, we want to know how we can assist. We are here to help you with needs such as clothing, school supplies and more. Just send a confidential email to LHS.Cares@gmail.com to let us know who has a need and we will see how we can help!

Effective immediately, Lebanon High School will no longer  allow phone sign outs for students.  If your student needs to leave school early, someone on the contact list must come to the front office and sign out the student.  If your student drives to school, then someone on the contact list may send a note giving the school permission to let the student sign out.  The school will call the person who sent the note to verify that the note is authentic.  After verification, the student will be allowed to sign out at the indicated time.   

Last year, we had several instances where people who were not on the student’s contact list called and pretended to be parents in order to authorize a phone sign out.  As always, student safety is our number one priority. This policy is being implemented this year to ensure that no student leaves school without legitimate authorization from a parent, guardian, or other person on the contact list.

The deadline to purchase a yearbook is April 15 for $70 cash or make checks payable to LHS. The books should arrive in mid-May. No extras will be ordered. If the company sends any extra books, they will be sold on distribution day for $75 cash.


Progress Reports/Report Card Distribution Dates

4 ½ week Progress Report - September 9 -11

9 week Report Card – October 24th

13.5 week Progress Report – November 20-22

Semester 1 Report Card – January 13th

4 ½ week Progress Report – February 3 – 5

9 Week Report Card – March 27th

13.5 week Progress Report – April 23 – 25

End of Year Report Card – SASE

Inportant Information about the school calendar: Since May 29th is the last day of school for students and it is a half day, the school will serve breakfast only.  No lunch will be served, and buses will not run on May 29th.



(615) 298.6636 or (615) 298-1470


Homework Hotline provides one-on-one free tutoring by phone to Tennessee students and parents. With Homework Hotline, students tackle new concepts, complete challenging assignments, and gain academic skills.

Homework Hotline helps students achieve and thrive - one assignment at a time. Students who get the help they seek return to school better prepared and less discouraged. Since 1990, Hotline teachers and volunteers have provided more than 460,000 sessions of tutoring. Bilingual assistance is available in six languages: English, Arabic, Kurdish, Spanish, Swahili, and Somalian. It's all free - thanks to Maddox Charitable Fund, Metro Schools, Sonic Drive Ins, the Scarlett Foundation, Dollar General Literacy Foundation, Nissan, Tandem Realty, and MyTV 30/CW 58/Fox 17.


















  • We will again accept down payments to lock in prices.The minimum deposit is $10 per ticket.
  • Students who purchase or pay off their tickets by March 28th will receive a free souvenir prom t-shirt.
  • May 10, 2014 at Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro from 7:00 pm to 12 am

Policy 4.600, Grading System (in part):  Exam Exemption

“A student having a 90 or higher average from the two nine week grading periods and having three (3) or fewer excused absences will be exempted from the semester exam if the student desires. When a student is exempted from the examination, the semester average will be the average of the two grading periods and any state mandated exam. Any unexcused absence will disqualify the student from semester exam exemptions. A student will be eligible for an exam exemption on a semester by semester basis. If a student who qualifies for exam exemption elects to take to take his/her semester exam, the resulting exam grade shall not lower his/her semester average below the average of the two quarter grading periods.”

Clarification:  This does not apply to EOC classes because students must take the EOC in order to pass the class. This will be effective beginning on Monday, January 27, 2014.


1. Alex Britt

2. Katlin Eakes

3. Ben Hickson

4. Aaliyah Mitchell

5. Samantha Anasky

6. Miriam Chinkers

6. Jesse Eisenstein

8. Markeisha Crutcher

8. Ali Lannom

10. Kristen Dillon

 Alumni BRICKS for the Lebanon High School are still available! Please contact Mrs. Christian in the Guidance office if you are interested.

Vision Statement

Wilson county Schools will prepare successful citizens who can apply and expand their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of tomorrow.