Watertown High School  

  "Home of the Purple Tigers "

  Principal: Jeff Luttrell 

  Assistant Principal: Terry Thompson

  515 West Main St.

 Watertown TN. 37184


  School Hours: 7:20-2:20


 On Monday, April 7, daily attendance calls will begin going out at 10am for the current day’s attendance.  This will be in addition to the regular calls that have been going out at 6pm. 

5-7-2014   EOC-   Algebra I  English III 

5-8-2014  EOC   English I Algebra II

5-9-2014 EOC   English II US History

5-12-2014 EOC Biology  History

5-13-2014   EOC   Makeups

Exam Exemption:

Policy 4.600, Grading System (in part):  Exam Exemption

“A student having a 90 or higher average from the two nine week grading periods and having three (3) or fewer excused absences will be exempted from the semester exam if the student desires. When a student is exempted from the examination, the semester average will be the average of the two grading periods and any state mandated exam. Any unexcused absence will disqualify the student from semester exam exemptions. A student will be eligible for an exam exemption on a semester by semester basis. If a student who qualifies for exam exemption elects to take to take his/her semester exam, the resulting exam grade shall not lower his/her semester average below the average of the two quarter grading periods.”

  "Red Carpet Affair"

March 5-7 and March 24-28 tickets will be $45.00 per person

March 31-April 25 tickets will be $50.00 per person

April 28-May 9 tickets will be $55.00 per person



Permission forms for non-WHS attendees (dates of Juniors and Seniors) and senior march forms are available in Mrs. Dushek’s room during ticket sales dates.  Tickets will be sold before school and during Channel 1 on the dates below.  Morning vocational students may see Mrs. Dushek during 4th block.  Thanks!


Balfour will be here Monday, April 14th to hand out Cap and Gowns and invitations to seniors. Balances must be paid to receive your items on that day. See Mrs. Holcomb for your balances. You can pay by mail, phone, or online.



 Watertown High School


 Purchase a Personalized Brick and add your name to the new Purple Tiger Passage to help ensure a brighter future for aspiring and deserving young people in Watertown, TN.


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With the economy being tough right now, sometimes people need a little helping hand. Because WHS Cares about our students, we want to know how we can assist. We are here to help with needs such as clothing, food, school supplies, & more. Just send  a confidental email to clarkc@wcschools.com to let us know who has a need and WHS Cares will see how we can help.

The Wilson County School System does not discriminate due to age, race, color, gender, national origin, disability, religion, creed, or veteran status in the provision of services, in programs or activities, or in employment opportunities or benefits.  Inquiries concerning Title VI or Title IX of the Civil Rights Act should be directed to Mickey Hutson at (615)444-3282.  Inquiries concerning Section 504 should be directed to Denise McMillan at (615)453-7302.  Inquiries concerning the American with Disabilities Act should be directed to Mickey Hall at (615)444-3282.