ACT scores are in for last year’s Junior class, and there’s a lot to celebrate in Wilson County.  The average composite score increased by half a point over the junior class of 2015.  That’s the most significant year to year gain the school district has seen in recent history.

Wilson County School’s Director, Dr. Donna Wright, says, “We expected to see a jump in scores, but this class really exceeded our expectations.  What I’m even more excited about is the fact that our biggest gains were in Science and Reading, which we’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on in recent years.”

Each spring, the ACT is given to 11th graders across the nation.  The composite scores aren’t released to school districts until the fall.  While many students will use the results of that test to apply for college, some will re-take the test, during their senior year, to improve their score.  To see how ACT scores have been climbing over the past 5 years, check out the chart below.

11th Grade ACT (Current 12th Grade Students) Data Profile

Junior ACT Scores


Generally, students who re-take the ACT score an average of 2 points better during their senior year.  Based on the data shown here, the Wilson Co. Class of 2017 can expect an ACT composite score of 20.8 or higher.  Those results won’t be available until next fall.