As the unprecedented growth continues throughout the area, Wilson County Schools is unveiling a new logo that showcases some of the district’s future educational initiatives, while including a nod to our county’s historic past.

Back in September, staffers in our instructional technology division were tasked with developing a new color scheme and logo that would not only highlight the direction our district is heading, and also feature some of the iconic images that are associated with the county’s three major cities.

The cedar trees on the logo are representative of the Cedars of Lebanon, the 900-acre state park that sits roughly 10 miles south of Lebanon.

The two lakes, in the background, symbolize Old Hickory Lake and Percy Priest, with the city of Mt. Juliet situated perfectly in between.

The train, seen in the center, is symbolic of Watertown’s historic train depot, which was constructed before the turn of the 19th century.

The ferris wheel
, which is the most prominent feature, is an obvious reference to the Wilson County Fair… which is not only a local treasure, but has long been hailed as the largest, most well-attended fair in the state.  The images on it represent the school district’s core mission, which is to provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for their future careers, as well as life.

Wilson County Schools Director, Dr. Donna Wright, says the end result exceeded her expectations, “It’s no secret that I’m progressive when it comes to the tools and strategies we utilize to educate students, but at the same time, history is important.  There’s a lot of wisdom in it!  I wanted a logo that very vividly expressed that, and I believe that’s exactly what they did.”

In the coming months, the district website will undergo a major redesign that’ll incorporate the new color scheme and be more user friendly for those looking for information.