Pre-Kindergarten Application Forms

Pre-Kindergarten Program Information

Students must be four years of age on or before August 15th and selected by the eligibility criteria to participate.

1st Priority for enrollment:

  • The family income meets the Federal poverty guidelines.

2nd Priority for enrollment:

  • The child has an IEP (Individual Education Plan)
  • The child is in state or foster care
  • The child is an English Language Learner (ELL)
  • The parent is deployed in active military duty

If spaces are still available, we may enroll children based on the Community Pre-K Advisory Council priority for enrollment:

  • Pre-mature birth (4 weeks or more)
  • Low developmental screening (AGS, Fluharty, Brigance)
  • Teenage mother / father
  • Child being raised by Grandparent or other family member (not biological parent)
  • TEIS services; qualify for Special education services
  • WIC; SSI; Families First; Even Start services
  • Prior Head Start services


351 Stumpy Lane
Lebanon, Tennessee 37087
Phone 615-444-3282

For any questions, please contact Cindy Johnson at

Application Dates

Pre-Kindergarten applications will be accepted at your zoned school on April 4th, 2017 during school hours for the 2017-2018 school year. After April 4th, parents can visit their zoned school during regular school hours to submit an application.

To find your zoned school, click here.

Items Needed

• Registration form for Pre-Kindergarten
• Student At-Risk Questionnaire
• Income Eligibility Worksheet (Proof of Income is Required)
• Birth Certificate
• Social Security card requested
• Current Shot Record
• Two Proofs of Address
• Medical Insurance Card
• Custody Papers (if applicable)
• Copy of W-2 or 2016 Taxes