Wilson County Schools are free to children of school age that reside in Wilson County and do not reside in the Lebanon Special School District Zone (Pre-K – 8th Grade).  A child will be a resident when;

  • The child is living with a natural parent or parent by legal adoption who resides in Wilson County.
  • The child’s parents are dead and he is living with a person in loco parentis who resides in Wilson County.
  • The child’s parents are unable to care for the child and the child is living, not solely for school purposes, with a person who resides in Wilson County and is the court-appointed guardian, or has legal custody.
  • The child is living with a parent, guardian, or person in loco parentis in a temporary shelter in the school division, not solely for school purposes.
  • The child is living in Wilson County, not solely for school purposes, as an emancipated minor.
  • A child may be considered a resident of Wilson County for the purpose of free attendance if his/her residence is bona fide and not a superficial residence established for the purpose of attending school.  Application for admission will be submitted to the Attendance Director who will determine whether the child is a bona fide resident of Wilson County.

The Attendance Director will be authorized to obtain documentation to support the application.  All information provided with the application will be subscribed and sworn to by the person making the application.

If the family of a student who has been enrolled in the Wilson County School System moves out of Wilson County after the student has completed the junior year of high school and prior to the completion of the senior year, the student will be allowed to attend school for the remainder of their senior year.  If the family of the student who is currently enrolled in the school system moves from one school attendance zone to another within the county, the student will be allowed to attend the current school with parents providing transportation until they complete the grade levels within the school.  If the student has attendance, discipline, or academic issues the school principal can have the student attend their properly zoned school.