Robotics1This week, the Wilson County school system is unveiling two industrial robots that’ll be used to train students in the STEM programs at Mt. Juliet and Watertown High school about the latest automated technology.

The Fanuc robots, which were purchased by the district for 37-thousand dollars each, are used in more manufacturing and industrial facilities than any other brand in the world. By receiving this training, students will not only learn how to program and utilize this technology for real-world manufacturing, but they’ll also receive a Handling Tool & Operations Certificate, which will equip them to go right to work, upon graduation.

Statistics show that 80-percent of all manufacturers report having a shortage of skilled workers. Over the next decade, there will be a shortage of 2-million skilled manufacturing workers worldwide.

Wilson County Schools Director, Dr. Donna Wright, says this is an investment that’ll pay big dividends for students, as they pursue their long-term career goals. “Clearly, this is a highly sought-after skillset. I’m thrilled that we’re able to offer our students this opportunity. Regardless of whether they decide to enter the workplace immediately or pursue a post-secondary education, this is the kind of training that will give Wilson County students a leg up over the competition.”

Once the programs are fully up and running, each school will be able to train anywhere from 20-25 students per year. Right now, Hamilton County has the only other high school in the state with a FANUC robot and certified training program on-site.

For more information about the curriculum, software and teaching tools offered as a part of this program, click here. The robots will be unveiled during two separate community events on November 1st and November 4th. See times and locations below.

November 1st, 10:00
Watertown H.S.

November 4th, 9:00
Mt. Juliet H.S.