Written by:  Amelia Morrison Hipps
November 12, 2015

LEBANON, TENNESSEE — Ten of the 14 eligible Wilson County Schools received all “As” in achievement for 2014-15, according to the Tennessee Department of Education Report Card.

According to Jennifer Cothron, supervisor of testing and accountability, only schools in the grades three through eight receive a grade in achievement.

“Wilson County has 15 schools in that category, but only 14 were eligible because Watertown Middle School does not have data for three years, and the grades are based on a three-year average for the school,” she said.

However, because of their success in 2014-15, Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright included Watertown Middle when recognizing the schools who achieve “A’s” at the Nov. 2 Board of Education meeting, along with: West Wilson Middle School, West Elementary, W.A. Wright Elementary, Stoner Creek Elementary, Rutland Elementary, Mt. Juliet Middle School, Mt. Juliet Elementary, Lakeview Elementary, Gladeville Elementary, and Elzie Patton Elementary.

According to the TDOE, the scores represent the average level of achievement in each subject across grades 3-8. They represent the most recent three years of data. Scores at or above 50 indicate that the performance in that subject met or exceeded the average performance across the state in 2008-09.

Grades are assigned according to the following scale: 55-99: A; 50-54: B; 45-49: C; 40-44: D; 0-39: F.

“To have 10 out of 14 eligible schools receive an ‘A’ in achievement is remarkable,” said Wright. “If Watertown Middle School had been eligible, it would have been 11 out of 15 based on their scores last year.

“I don’t know of many other school districts that can say 71.4 percent of their eligible schools earned this distinction,” she added. “This is a credit to our teachers, administrators, students and parents, and I couldn’t be more proud of them.”