The Tennessee Department of Education has released the annual report card for school districts across the state, and there’s a lot to celebrate in Wilson County.

Here’s a look at some performance highlights for Wilson County Schools in this year’s report:

Attendance Rate: 95.2%
This is an exceptional number, considering the size of our district.

Graduation Rate: 95.1%
Not only is that one of the highest graduates in Tennessee, but it exceeds the state average by nearly 7 percentage points.

ACT composite score: 20.8
That score is more than half a point higher than the previous year. It’s also important to note that 48% of the graduating seniors in Wilson County scored a 21 or higher on the ACT, compared to 43.3% of our students the previous year. This is significant because students who meet this benchmark automatically become qualified for the HOPE scholarship program.

Because this was the first year the state administered the more rigorous, TNReady assessment, state officials have been predicting that proficiency scores would drop statewide. As expected, Wilson County saw a decrease in the number of high school students who scored in the top two tiers for math and English.
Even so, Wilson County students continue to outperform students across the state. As you can see here, our level of proficiency in both Math and English Language Arts was significantly higher than the statewide average.

State math average: 20.8%
Wilson Co. average: 26%

State ELA average: 30.3%
Wilson Co. average: 35.3%

Due to the many difficulties the state experienced, during last year’s statewide assessment, only high school students participated. These students were not as engaged as they have been in previous years because those students knew their score would not count towards their overall grade.