TNReady Parent Letter

TNReady and Social Studies testing was to begin today in Wilson County schools. However, statewide technology issues prevented us from moving forward.

Today around 8:25 a.m., our students began to have issues with the MIST platform, according to Jennifer Cothron, Testing and Accountability Supervisor.

“We soon found out that the outages were statewide,” she said. “We suspended testing for the day and continued with instruction.

“We are waiting for additional information from the state as to how to proceed.”

Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright reiterated, “As previously stated, this is a ‘hold harmless’ year for Wilson County. The data from TNReady will provide diagnostic measures which we can use to make any necessary changes to ensure teachers and students are prepared to master the skills needed to be successful.”

The state Department of Education has released additional information this afternoon concerning moving forward with TNReady this year. Due to the inconsistency of the MIST system, the state has decided to not continue with online testing. During the remainder of the 2015-16 school year, TNReady will be administered via paper and pencil for both Part I and Part II.

Regular instruction will resume in all Wilson County Schools until we receive notice from the DOE when the paper tests will be issued for use.