This weekend, the Center for Digital Education and the National School Board Association announced the winners of this year’s Digital School Districts Survey.  We’re pleased to announce that the Wilson County has been ranked #2 in the nation for large school districts!  Digital Technology Award

The awards are given out annually to honor school districts for their pioneering uses of technology.  Specifically, these organizations recognize schools that are integrating technology into the classroom to enhance curriculum and improve student learning.

Wilson Co. Schools Director, Dr. Donna Wright, says she’s proud that our district has been identified as a trailblazer, when it comes to technology, “Times have changed.  Today’s students learn much differently than the students we saw coming through, even just 10 years ago.  We’ve decided to embrace that change and capitalize on technology to the best of our ability.” 

The top 10 rankings are awarded to the school boards and districts that most fully implement technology benchmarks in the evolution of digital education.  To see a full list of winners, click here.