Written by:  Amelia Morrison Hipps
October 22, 2015

LEBANON, TENNESSEE — For the fourth consecutive year, Wilson County Schools earned all As for achievement in grades 3-8 for math, reading/language arts and science, according to the annual Report Card released by the Tennessee Department of Education.

The TDOE released the Report Cards for all 142 school districts, which reflects the progress in K-12 education for the 2014-15 school year, Thursday morning

The Tennessee State Report Card includes state, district and school-level information on student achievement and student growth, demographics, and student discipline. The Tennessee Education Improvement Act of 1992 established accountability standards for all public schools in the state and required the Department of Education to produce a Report Card for the public to view each year.

As a growth measure, Wilson County achieved a composite Level 5, the highest attainable level, in all subject areas.

“TVAAS (Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System) Composites are reported on a 1-5 scale. These scores are used to measure student growth over the course of the school year,” said Deputy Director of Academics Monty Wilson. “Level 5 scores indicate that the district is exceeding expected growth from all applicable TCAP (Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program) and End of Course assessments.”

Wilson County’s graduation rate continues to exceed the state average and ranks as one of the highest in the state of Tennessee. In addition, the report card shows a significant increase in ACT scores and college readiness. Wilson County Schools’ average ACT scores are above the state’s average in every category: English, mathematics, reading, science reasoning and overall composite.

While closing the achievement gap amongst different subgroups remains a challenge for the district, the district made improvements in this area.

“Wilson County’s teachers and principals are continuing to focus on individualizing instruction to meet the needs of each child, and in doing so, we believe we will continue to close achievement gaps amongst subgroups,” Wilson said.

Highlights from Wilson County’s results show:

  • The district obtained all As in grades 3-8 for achievement
  • The district’s graduation rate is 95.7 percent, surpassing the state by 7.9 percent
  • The district has a 20.0 composite score on the ACT, up from 19.7 the previous year
  • The percentage of students eligible for the Hope Scholarship is 43.3 percent, which is up from
    41.7 percent the previous year.

The Tennessee Department of Education recognizes excellence in schools based on student performance with its Reward School list. Wilson County Schools had five schools on that list:  Lakeview Elementary School, Gladeville Elementary School, Mount Juliet Elementary School, Mount Juliet High School, and W.A. Wright Elementary School.

Wilson County had the most schools recognized as a Reward School for both achievement and growth than any school district in the state of Tennessee. Only nine schools statewide garnered this distinction, and three of them were from Wilson County – W.A. Wright Elementary, Gladeville Elementary and Mt. Juliet High School – are Wilson County Schools.

All rose to the top 5 percent for annual value-added growth, while also ranking in the state’s top 5 percent for overall achievement. Two other Wilson County Schools – Lakeview and Mt. Juliet Elementary schools – were also named Reward Schools for ranking in the top 5 percent for their achievement or performance scores.

“It’s been a good year, and it’s a validation as far as all of the hard work our teachers and administrators have put forth,” said Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright. “It didn’t happen by accident. It was very intentional, very deliberate, and the work is paying off on behalf of our boys and girls.”

“According to student outcomes, there is much to be proud of and recognize. The students, teachers, administrators and parents of this county will continue to work diligently to help improve both achievement and growth as our students move through the school system,” Wright added.

To visit the 2015 Report Card, visit http://www.tn.gov/education/topic/report-card.