WWMS Library

  • Welcome to WWMS Library!


    Library Hours: 

    Monday - Friday

    8:15am to 3:45pm


  • Library Information:

    • Students are welcome to come to the library every morning Monday - Friday before school beginning at 8am.
    • Students may check out, print, use computers, work on projects or read during that time.
    • Students may search our Destiny Library Catalog 


    Library Guidelines:

    • Students are allowed to check out 2 books for 2 weeks and may renew for an additional 2 weeks.  They must renew within the 3 day grace period in order to avoid a late fee.
    • Overdue books are charged $0.05 per day per book.
    • Students are not charged for weekends and other days that we are not in school or when the library is closed for various other reasons.
    • There is a 3 day grace period.  If a book is returned on the third day after the due date, students will be charged $0.15 total for all three days the book is late ($0.05 per day).
    • Any student with an outstanding fine or overdue book at the end of the 9 weeks will have lunch detention until the library account is clear and in good standing.