Job-Embedded Teaching License

Licensure Requirements


    Applicants applying for a certified position in Wilson County Schools MUST hold a valid TN teaching license with appropriate endorsement. If hired and your TN license is not approved by the beginning of the school year, it will result in termination. 

    Per (49-5-101) Basic requirements: No person shall be employed as principal, teacher or supervisor of any public elementary or high school by any local school district, or receive any pay for such services out of the public school funds of the local school district until the person presents to the director of schools a valid license as prescribed in this part. It is unlawful for any board of education to issue any warrant or check to such persons for services as principal, teacher or supervisor until the person has presented for record a license valid for the term of employment.

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Required Literacy Training

  • Required Literacy Training

    The 2021 Tennessee Literacy Success Act requires certain educators to complete a literacy course before license renewal. This document includes details about the requirements, endorsements that are included in these new requirements, and clarification on how to demonstrate completion of the requirement.

    Training Requirement

    The Tennessee Literacy Success Act requires that all teachers holding a license with an endorsement that allows them to teach reading in grades K-5 complete at least one approved foundational literacy skills course by August 1, 2023. 

    The free TN Early Reading Training meets this training requirement.  To access the course click here.  At the completion of the training, a certificate is earned with a passing score on the summative assessment. This certificate must be uploaded in TN Compass within one year of the educator’s licensure renewal or advancement deadline in order to meet the licensure requirement component of the Literacy Success Act.

    Licensure Requirement

    Effective August 1, 2023, candidates seeking to obtain, renew, or advance a teaching license with at least one qualifying endorsement (as listed below) should provide evidence documenting the completion of an approved foundational literacy skills course. This documentation must be submitted in TN Compass within one year of the licensure and endorsement issuance, renewal, or advancement date. Educators completing the training requirement detailed above can use the documentation from course completion to satisfy this requirement as long as the documentation is submitted within one year of the licensure and endorsement issuance, renewal, or advancement date. This licensure requirement pertains to the following qualifying endorsements:
























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    Educators holding a retired endorsement that allows them to teach reading in any grade kindergarten through fifth (e.g. Elementary K-6, or a 1-8 endorsement), are also required to complete the foundational literacy skills course and subsequent guidelines as stated above.

    Additional Considerations

    Educators enrolled in a preparation program with a job-embedded clinical practice and who hold a Practitioner License with at least one qualifying endorsement must demonstrate completion of the foundational skills literacy course or assessment prior to renewing or advancing the license.

    Adding Qualifying Endorsements to a License

    Educators seeking to add any of the qualifying endorsements listed above to an active license must also demonstrate completion of this requirement prior to the endorsement being added to the license.

    Multiple Endorsements on a License

    Educators holding a license with multiple endorsements, at least one (1) of which is not impacted by these requirements may maintain licensure and any unapplicable endorsements, however, any applicable endorsements will become inactive at the time of renewal or advancement of the license unless the educator demonstrates completion of this requirement.

    Failure to Meet this Requirement

    Educators who only hold a license with applicable endorsements(s) and who do not complete this requirement will not be able to renew or advance the license and it will become inactive. In order to reactivate an inactive license, educators must complete the literacy requirement.


    Applications for initial licensure, licensure renewal or advancement, and additional endorsement received on or after August 1, 2023, will be evaluated against the aforementioned requirements.

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