Message from Mrs. Smith

  • UPDATED 8/2/2020 at 4:00 PM


    Dear Bobcat families,

    We are more than excited to be getting back to what we love doing most...teaching and learning with students. While we know that this school year will be far from typical, we can assure you that we will do our absolute best to listen, communicate, protect and serve our students and families. There is one thing we do know to be certain and that is that the planning never stops in a great school. In order to continue being successful we will need to be more flexible now than ever before. Knowing that we are surrounded by the best staff, students, parents, and community I feel assured that by working together we can do anything. Thank you for trusting and believing in us. We can’t wait to see you all soon.

    All my best,

    Amanda Smith

Stay Connected with Stoner Creek

    1. Updated email address in skyward so you can receive weekly updates from Principal Smith’s “Bobcat Blitz”
    2. Email classroom teacher (addresses can be found here )
    3. Join our Stoner Creek Elementary facebook page
    4. Call 615-754-6300 from 7am-3pm
    5. Submit a Let’s Talk ticket by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of the district website

Healthy and Safety Protocols

  • Arrival Procedures


    • Will take their temperature upon arrival in the office, cafe or gym lobby.

    Bus Riders

    Two employees will get students off the bus and check temperatures of bus riders in the cafe. Bus riders will stay in the cafe in assigned lines until 7:15 at which time they will be dismissed to their classroom
    SCE Bus Numbers: 1767, 2663, 2006, 2783, 2561

    Car Riders

    • Staff will take student temperatures when students enter the gym lobby. The screening questions will be asked when they are in their homeroom class and then a virtual clinic referral will be made for a student who answers yes to any question.
    • Once student temperature is checked with an infrared thermometer they will go straight to their classroom except for Kindergarten and First Grade. They will wait for their teacher in the gym until 7:15. These students will be spaced out and sit only with their classroom peers.
    • If a student reads 100.4 or higher with an infrared thermometer then they will be sent to the auditorium (next to gym lobby) for nurse recheck.
    • We will document names of students who are rechecked by the nurse.
    • Car riders who need to eat breakfast will go to the cafeteria after their initial temperature check.

    Dismissal Procedures

    Car Riders

    • Kindergarten and 1st grade students will dismiss from the gym lobby sitting in the same area they are assigned for morning arrival. 2nd-5th grade students will dismiss from their classrooms using google meet.
    • Employee will call car rider names via google meet.

    Bus Riders

    • Will be dismissed and monitored one bus at a time where an employee will walk them to their bus.

    Symptom questionnaire administered by homeroom teacher

    • Homeroom teachers will send in virtual clinic referrals if a student answers yes to any of the questions.
    • Students will wait in the holding area in their classroom for the Nurse to contact the teacher that they are ready to see the student.

    Isolation of symptomatic individual

    • Upon arrival students who need a temperature recheck will wait in the auditorium for the nurse to recheck their temperature.
    • If a student is symptomatic and running a fever the nurse will immediately be alerted by the teacher.
    • The clinic is set up to have an isolated area for individuals.
    • Daily medications will not be administered in the clinic.

    Symptom Awareness Lesson week one

    • World Health Organization Guide for talking with elementary students about COVID-19
    • Lesson Plans will be unified for grade bands PreK-2 and 3-5

    Risk Mitigation

    • Reduce number of people in common areas
      • See arrival & dismissal procedures
    • Spread out and utilize spaces at lunch and recess
      • Students will have assigned seats in the classroom and cafeteria to allow for contact tracing
      • Classes will participate in recess in separate areas
    • Virtual clinic referrals
    • Clean desks between class changes
      • Traditional Schedule: grades 3-5 will not switch classes; teachers will rotate to each classroom to teach their specific content
    • Avoid shared supplies
      • Each teacher has a method for keeping supplies separated and individualized
    • Hygiene routines for staff and students:
    • No field trips or assemblies

    Face Coverings

    It is our expectation at SCE that adults and students wear face coverings while interacting with others in the school building. Face Coverings will be optional when social distancing is feasible. For example in classrooms and empty hallways. Face coverings will be strongly encouraged in high risk areas where social distancing is not feasible. For example, on the bus, arrival and dismissal, crowded spaces, clinic/isolation areas, when teachers are working within 6 feet of others, etc.

    • Face Coverings at School
      • Optional for students and staff in areas where social distancing is feasible (Ex: Classrooms, less crowded hallways)
      • Strongly Encouraged in high-risk areas where social distancing is not feasible (Ex: Bus transitions, arrival, dismissal, crowded hallways, clinic/isolation areas, and for teachers working within close proximity (within 6 feet) of others)
      • It is our expectation that students and staff will wear face coverings while in the school building, and it is recommended that the adults model such behavior while interacting with others, both students and colleagues, while in the building.
    • Face Coverings on the Bus
      • Face coverings and assigned seats will be required for students using District- provided transportation, including school buses.
      • Face coverings can be provided by the parent/guardian; if not, one will be provided.
      • Refusal to wear a face covering while using District-provided transportation will be considered a Category 1 offense and could result in the student’s suspension from the school bus.
      • Continued refusal may result in the student’s removal from District-provided transportation.

    What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19?

    • Step 1: Upon learning of a positive case, notification of those in close proximity begins while the COVID-19-positive individual follows medical orders, including
      quarantine. (EX: A person's classes, bus, lunch table, sport team, and related staff).
    • Step 2: Individuals notified will be asked to monitor symptoms and seek medical attention as needed.
    • Step 3: Schools continue to monitor symptoms of students and staff.
    • Step 4: Students and staff may return to school/work based upon orders from the doctor.

    Staying Home when Appropriate

Social-Emotional Supports

    • Social-Emotional Learning Lessons will be conducted weekly.
    • SCE will focus on integrating the Second Step Curriculum which includes a connect to home piece
    • Please contact our School Counselor Stephanie Harris for additional information
    • Visit Wilson County Family Resource Center for additional information

Academic Instruction


    Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM doors open at 7:00 AM
    School experience with the following exceptions:

    • Assigned seats for students in all settings
    • 2nd-5th grade students report directly to and are dismissed from classrooms
    • Eating in the cafe will be a rotation. Our goal is for every student to experience 2 days a week in the cafe and the other days students will eat in their classroom.
    • Students will participate in recess in assigned zones
    • Participation will continue in the following areas: SEEK, Support, RTI, SPED, ESL services


     hybrid schedule

    SCE Hybrid Schedule

    Within the model hybrid model, students will be divided into two cohorts. Cohort 1 students (A) will attend school Tuesday and Thursday. Cohort 2 students (B) will attend school Wednesday and Friday. All students will learn remotely on Monday of each week. Siblings will be grouped with their family to attend school on the same cohort days. Staff will be on site Monday-Friday each week.

    Teachers have the flexibility to plan and assign assignments on the three days students are working from home. These assignments can be completed at any point during the day and not limited to school hours.

    Example assignments students might complete on their asynchronous learning days include but are not limited to:

    1. pages from their Reading, Math, or Social Studies workbook
    2.  Assigned Online Computer Program Practice: IXL, ACHIEVE 3000, Smarty Ants, BrainPop, Aleks, Moby Max, etc
    3. Read for 30 minutes and take an AR test
    4. MyOn / Epic Reading or Listening to an On-line Story
    5. Writing Assignment
    • These assignments should not exceed 2 - 3 hours, depending on the grade level.

    While at school, schedules may be modified to provide social distancing throughout the building and on the playground. Transitions for staff and students throughout the school day may be limited. In addition, there will be a focus on sanitizing surfaces and healthy habits among staff and students.


    Parent View of Remote Schedules

    Teacher Office Hours for Remote Learning

    • All teachers are available from 2:00-3:00 pm
    • Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00 pm there will be a grade level teacher available

    In the event that the school does not reopen or has to close in 2020-2021, we will follow the guidelines below for receiving and returning student work.

    If the family is able to access the internet effectively, all activities can be completed online, which will eliminate any public health risk associated with providing instructional support. In an effort to cut down on paper packets during remote learning, the district is using a variety of educational programs, which can be accessed via ClassLink for grades K-5. All students will access Thrivist through ClassLink in order to receive class-specific instructions for online learning tasks.

    In order to support our students instructionally while they are at home, we are offering a paper solution for families that do not have access to the internet. This system will involve distributing paper learning packets to families for the students to complete while at home, along with frequent phone calls- either to the students directly or to their parents.


    • Virtual Learning differs from Remote Learning.
    • Virtual Learning is offered by Wilson County Schools for an entire semester (Aug-Dec or Jan-May).
    • Parents must register by July 17 through Skyward for Virtual Learning.
    • Visit Virtual Learning Expectations for more information.
    • Teachers are TBD by district and may include some SCE teachers. Students may be grouped with peers from around the district.
    • Daily schedules will also be determined by the district.
    • View the Hybrid and Remote Learning Schedule Suggestions for more info.

    Lunch Pick Up for Virtual Students

    Lunches will be available via a Drive-Thru pick up for those with students choosing the Virtual
    School option. The guidelines are listed below:

    • Intent to pick up meals must be emailed to the cafeteria manager by 9 a.m. the morning of pick up – find the cafeteria manager's email address HERE
    • Pick up will be from 11:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
    • Pick up must be at the school where your child is registered – if you have children in multiple schools, you must pick up at each site
    • Regular lunch prices will be charged. Free and reduced price lunches (.40) will be available as well. Payment will be made from the student's lunch account only – no cash taken. Please make sure funds are available. No charges will be accepted.



    For those students without internet access while in the remote model , parents will be able to receive and return home packets each Thursday from 8am to 2pm .

    In the event that the parent needs to drop off the packet, SCE drop off location is the front entrance of the school. A clearly marked bin will be used for parents to drop off assignments. Notification in advance will be communicated to parents to maintain distance from other parents while dropping off the packets. Parents should remain 6 feet apart from anyone else while at the drop off. In addition, communication with parents will explicitly state, “Do not come if you are symptomatic. Either send someone else or wait until you are no longer symptomatic.” It is recommended that you wait 24 hours after a drop off cycle before beginning to open the packets. Parents who received digital or electronic assignments can easily share completed work through digital platforms.

    For more information please visit the following websites:

    KIDS: Ready. Set. Reconnect!
    Learning Resources for Students and Families
    Remote Learning Suggestions For Families

Technology Support

    • Please contact Jorie Gerik for Tech Support
    • Let’s Talk-Technology
    • Acceptable Use Policy
    • Every student (Grades 1-5) will have the option to check out a Chromebook from the Library Media Center. In the traditional setting, SCE staff will check out technology to each student. In the event of a remote model setting, students will be assigned a time to pick-up needed technology along with textbooks.
    • Prior to checking out a Chromebook, parents and students must review and sign the Student Device Agreement form.



    • Visitor Safe Health Procedures
    • All visitors will be limited to the front office area. Anyone who enters the office will be required to wear a mask, have their temperature checked, and answer the four health related questions.
    • If you need to drop off an item for your child you will leave the item in the vestibule and a staff member will retrieve the item and take it to your child.

Academic Honor Code

Virtual Open House

    • Virtual Open House
    • SCE teachers will hold “Meet the Teacher” google meets on August 14th in order for families to see the classroom and learn more about the teacher/classroom expectations