VLP 2021-2022 Grades 6-12 Registration Information

VLP Resources 2020-2021

VLP Mission

  • Wilson County Schools Virtual Learning Program ensures a virtual environment in which every student develops high personal expectations, knowledge, and skills necessary to be successful.

Virtual Learning Program FAQ

  • Virtual Learning Program FAQs

    When do VLP classes start?

    Are Learning Coaches Required?

    • Required for Grades K-8 in the virtual setting.
    • Parents will need to stay informed of student's progress for all grade-levels K-12.

    Are there resources for Learning Coaches?

    • Yes, parents and/or Learning Coaches will be required to view several courses in Parent University prior to orientation.

    Will VLP schedules be the same as the district schedule?

    • Virtual learning schedules have been set-up to run independently of the regular school setting regardless of the district's model (Traditional/Hybrid/Remote). Students in the virtual setting will maintain a consistent schedule.

    What will virtual schedules look like?

    • Synchronous (learning at the same time) sessions will take place during school hours based on the teachers' teaching schedule.
    • Asynchronous (learning independently) lessons and activities will be loaded online for students to complete by the due dates.

    What about school supplies?

    • Virtual learners will receive a suggested list of school supplies during virtual orientation. Any other school-issued workbooks, textbooks, or resources will be provided when devices are issued at orientation.