Skyward Family Access Mobile App Setup

  • Download App

    Visit Skyward's Mobile Access App to download an app for smartphones or tablets.

    Step-by-Step Setup Tutorial

    • Choose school district using any one of these three options:

    Skyward Mobile Access Locate District

    • Current Location
      • This option will only be available to use if you have your “Location Services”* turned on in your phone settings. You will want to choose “WILSON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT” from the results.
      • Please consult with your carrier or review your phone’s manual if you are unable to locate these settings on your phones
    • Postal Code
      • This option can be used by entering in “37090” as the postal code and then select “WILSON COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT” from the results.
    • District Name
      • Select, Wilson County School District.
    • Enter Login Credentials, as the parent you enter in your Family Access Login and Password, DO NOT LOGIN as the student. If you have logged on as the student, you will need to remove app (delete it) then download the app again, and login as “parent”.

    Skyward Mobile Access Login Credentials

    • Create a PIN, you select your own PIN, you need to remember this PIN. Wilson County Schools is not responsible for the PINs that parents create. If you forget your PIN, you will need to remove app, then download the app again and go through the setup process.

    Skyward Mobile Access Create PIN

    • Click on the Mobile login.
    • Login and you should see all of your children, tied to Family Access.