YouthLink Goals

    • To promote educational skills and advanced training
    • To strengthen the educational goals of our school system by assisting students beyond high school
    • To enter the workforce prepared on all levels from academic and occupational skills achievement to the attainment of a healthy work ethic
    • To provide or “link” youth, ages 17-24, to educational and occupational opportunities they need to receive a secondary school diploma or equivalency diploma
    • To prepare youth for today’s workforce by increasing access to education training and employment
    • To prepare young adults graduating from high school to achieve economic self-sufficiency in order to meet employer needs while continuing to build life long skills
    • To help young adults to gain appropriate hard (technical), soft (employment) and basic (academic) skills needed for workplace success
    • To establish partnerships with employers and workforce partners

Services & Activities

    • Career Pathway Assessments
    • Textbook Fees
    • Support Fees
    • Training and course fees
    • Technical and post-secondary campus tours
    • Tuition Fees
    • Guidance and career counseling with career assessments
    • Assistance with FAFSA online forms for technical and post-secondary applications
    • Labor market and employment information
    • Job shadowing
    • Job search assistance and resumes
    • Paid and unpaid work experiences
    • Occupational training and apprenticeships
    • Adult mentoring and connections to community resources and programs
    • Tutoring
    • Internships
    • Financial Literacy
    • Equivalency Diploma and other test fees
    • Summer employment opportunities
    • Leadership opportunities, life skills and character education
    • Youth advocacy

Participant Criteria

  • Youth must meet one of the following eligibility guidelines that address unique learning styles:

    • Exceptional learner with an IEP at school or documentation provided by a licensed medical doctor
    • Medical diagnosis which requires the youth to take medication on a regular or daily basis such as diabetes, asthma, ADD, ADHD, etc.
    • Physical impairment which may or may not qualify the youth for SSI
    • Currently in state custody and living in  foster care placement with or without relatives.
    • Financial status with household income that falls within state and federal sliding scale or currently has an EBT card.
    • Documented McKinney-Vento status for school enrollment which means that the youth or youth’s family does not reside within a traditional setting, i.e. youth or youth’s family lives with relatives or friends; youth or youth’s family is temporarily displaced from their home, etc.
    • School dropout
    • Youth not attending school
    • A youth pregnant or parenting


    • Needs additional assistance to complete an educational or training program or to secure employment:

    The individual has ACT, Compass or other standardized test scores utilitized by institutions of higher education to make acceptance and/or course placement decisions that are below for admittance to credit-bearing classes or programs of study.


    The individual has no access to reliable personal transportation and/or is more than a mile from public transportation or the route to and from public transportation is in some way unsafe.


    For out-of-school youth, the individual has no or irregular work history including, but not limited to long periods of unemployment, multiple jobs in a six-months period, and/or failure to hold a single job for three consecutive months or more.

  • The Staff at YouthLinks:

    • Assist students ages 17-24 in exploring career options
    • Identify and assess applicants and help create a Career Pathway after high school
    • Work with each participant to encourage and guide them toward receiving educational attainment
    • Work with each participant to prepare them for employment leading to self sufficiency
    • Are committed to helping youth ages 17-24 in Wilson County and surrounding counties to encourage life-long learning and independence in today’s workplace

Questions for YouthLinks?

  • 415 Harding Drive
    Lebanon, TN 37087
    Phone: 615-453-3833

    Lisa Dickson, Director
    Office:  615-453-3833, Ext. 2431
    Cell:  615-456-5784

    Rachael Lea Agnew, Career Specialist
    Office:  615-453-3833, Ext. 2433
    Cell:  615-818-9233

    Lisa Baldwin, Financial Specialist
    Office:  615-453-3833, Ext. 2434
    Cell:  615-289-5391

    Patrice Hynek, Career Specialist
    Office:  615-453-3833, Ext. 2432
    Fax:  615-453-3958