Nursing Overview

  • Students must be Healthy to be educated and educated to be Healthy!

    Wilson County School Nurses prioritize their school day according to types of medical issues that students have within the individual school (s) assigned to them. Students requiring licensed nurse procedures and students with emergency and/or individualized health care plans are the nurses’ top priorities. WCS nurses coordinate and oversee the school health clinics in each of our schools, perform licensed nurse procedures, and annual or as needed health screenings. Nurses are available to consult with parents/guardians regarding health issues that impact student performance and attendance at school. If students have medical needs requiring accommodations for them to be able to participate in their education in a school setting, or needs for individualized health care plans, the school nurse will work with the student’s parent/guardian and health care provider as appropriate to develop the plans and/or accommodations to ensure that the student’s safety and well-being will be maintained in the school setting.


2016-2017 Stats

    • All 23 schools in Wilson County have a nurse onsite.
    • 119,167 clinic visits were made district-wide.  94% returned to class.
    • 7712 Health Screenings were performed.  689 students were referred for Vision issues, 104 students referred for Hearing.


    • What do I need to do for a religious exemption?
      Form must be completed, signed, and turned into your student’s school. 
    • Where do I find the paperwork? 
      Please link to Immunization information
    • How do I  know what shots are needed to attend WCS?  
      Please link to Immunization Information
    • My child is on medication.  What do I need for them to start school in WCS? 
      Medication orders must be completed and brought to school nurse by parent/guardian.  Please link to Medication Guidelines & Forms
    • Can I send the medication to school with my child? 
      All medication must be brought to the school nurse by parent/guardian. 
      Please see Medication Policy.
    • When should my child remain home due to illness?   
      Please refer to Illness Guidelines
    • Why can’t my child come to school tomorrow if they have fever today, but they don’t tomorrow when they wake up?  
      Please refer to Illness Guidelines
    • Where can my child get an up-to-date physical?  
      Physicals may be obtained from your child’s pediatrician office or local health department.  Many walk-in clinics will also perform physicals as well.

Questions for Nursing?


    Contact Nursing Link

School Nurse Clinic Wish List

  • The following items are always needed throughout the year in the school clinics:

    • GermX
    • Paper towels
    • Tissues
    • Feminine pads/panty liners
    • Clorox wipes
    • Deodorant (boys and girls)
    • Latex free bandaids