Technology Work Request Guidelines

  • Technology Helpdesk Link

    The Technology Helpdesk is an online application available to teachers and staff of Wilson County Schools for reporting computer issues.

    To access this system you must have a Wilson County Schools username and password (this is the same information used to access the Wilson County Schools email system).

     Please read the guidelines below for submitting a work request:

    • When you are submitting a work request please use these guidelines for setting the priority. Only a Principal may decide to elevate a work request to a higher level
      • Urgent – School wide network, Accelerated Reader, Follet, or Internet is down. This type of request should be approved by an administrator before it is submitted.
      • High – Multiple student computers in the library or lab are not operating, a teacher’s computer is inoperable.
      • Normal – There is a problem; however, that computer will still turn on and load Windows.
      • Low – This is for special projects or long term requests that may not be completed for several weeks or months.
    • When describing the problem you are experiencing please be brief, to the point, and accurate. Do not use terms like “DEAD” “Nothing Works” or “SICK” to define a computer problem.Bad Example: My AR is dead nothing works.Good Example: When I try to run AR a message pops up which reads: “Data path not found”. I cannot find any classes or students.
    • Please do not submit a request for the same problem more than once.