Benefits Overview

  • The Benefits Department of Wilson County Schools is your point of contact for the following services:

    • New hire enrollment in medical and dental insurance
    • Special enrollment changes for medical and dental insurance
    • Group Life benefits
    • CareHere
    • Retirement healthcare benefits
    • Cobra administration
    • Property and Casualty claims
    • Student Accident claims
    • Worker’s Compensation claims

    Medical and Dental Information

    Forms pertaining to medical and dental insurance are available on My Benefits Channel at My Benefits Channel.

    Once you log in:

    Click on the My Benefits icon
    Click on the Benefits Library icon
    Scroll to the desired link

    CareHere On-Site Clinic & Wellness

    Information pertaining to CareHere services is available on My Benefits Channel at Care Here!.

    Property & Casualty/Student Accident/Work Comp

    Please contact the Benefits Department for claims submission instructions.

Questions about Certified Healthcare Benefits?


    Contact Certified Healthcare Benefits

Questions about Classified Healthcare Benefits?


    Contact Classified Healthcare Benefits