Foreign Exchange Student Guidelines for Admission

  • Any foreign student is eligible for acceptance into the foreign exchange student program, provided he/she is participating through any agency endorsed by the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel and sponsored by an individual or organization.  Before approval by the Board (see Board Policy #6.502), the exchange program representative must make written application on behalf of the student in the local school serving the host family.  No foreign exchange student shall be brought into the United States by the sponsor unless he/she has been accepted in writing as a student by the director of schools/designee of the school in which s/he is to be enrolled.  The school may accept the student after determining the following:

    • The student will have a sufficient command of the English language to enable them to participate in the general curriculum;
    • Appropriate curriculum offerings can be provided for the student; and
    • An overcrowded situation will not be further aggravated.

    Prior to enrolling a foreign student, the principal or designee shall require, in addition to a valid student visa, the following documentation:

    • Citizenship;
    • Birth date;
    • Health/immigration records;
    • Custody (including phone number, name and address of person responsible for the student); and
    • School records, including a transcript of academics (in English).

    Admission requirements and all other considerations and expectations shall be the same for foreign students as for United States students. Students will be accepted only in grades 9-12. No more than four (4) foreign students shall be placed in one school.

    Students must have had acceptable academic achievement in their native countries and must have been screened for maturity and ability to get the maximum benefit form an exchange program.

    Exchange students must have an adequate command of the English language and be able to function without special assistance in regular classes. The principal shall be responsible for assignment to the appropriate grade level.

    The sponsoring individual/organization shall provide evidence to the school that the student will receive adequate financial support for the duration of his/her stay. Exchange students shall not be eligible for free or reduced price lunches, nor shall schools hold fund raising events to pay expenses incurred by exchange students.

    The school principal shall provide a list of foreign exchange students during each term that students are in attendance to the director of schools.