• New Student Enrollment Introduction

    Welcome to Wilson County Schools!

    We are pleased to offer Online Enrollment for parents/guardians to enroll K-12 students new to our district (this is not for current students transferring to another Wilson County School). You should find this to be an easy process that you can complete at your convenience from anywhere. All you need is an active email address and access to the Internet.

    If you need assistance determining which school your student is zoned to attend, use the Bus Route Look-Up tool (available mid-July). If your home address does not return results using the Bus Route Look-Up Tool, please reach out to the Transportation Help Desk.  Be sure to include address, parent name, student name(s), grade level(s), and zoned school(s) if known.

    • If your child was previously enrolled (currently withdrawn) in a Wilson County School and will be returning to the district, please don’t complete the online application process. You should already have a Family Access account therefore; you need to contact the School Registrar at your zoned school for instructions. 
    • For information on applying to the Pre-K Program, click the following link:  Pre-K Enrollment & Registration.  If you have already visited the Pre-K Enrollment & Registration page to read the enrollment information there, please see the "Instructions for Completing Online Enrollment" below.


    Instructions for Completing Online Enrollment for the 2023-2024 School Year

    If you Currently have a Student Enrolled in One of Our Schools and Need to Enroll a New Student for the 2023-2024 School-Year:

    1. Log into your Family Access Account then select New Student Online Enrollment
    2. Complete the Application and click to submit (for detailed instructions refer to the instructions below for the Application Process beginning with #2).
    3. Then click this “School Directory” link to access your zoned school’s website.  On the school site, you will see New Student Information. Then, follow the instructions provided by the school.
    4. Required Documents:  Upload during the process, or bring required documents to your Appointment Date.  Required document options are located on the Enrollment & Registration overview page.

    If You are New to the Wilson County School System

    New to the District Pre-K and Kindergarten – 12th Grade Parents/Guardians Enrolling for the 2023-2024 School-Year:

    Step 1:  Request an Account

    • Visit Request an Account to create an account for a New Student.
    • Complete the required fields then click on “Click Here to Submit Online Enrollment Account Request.”  An email will then generate to the email address provided with a login and password along with a link for the parent/guardian to access the application portal.

    Step 2: Enrollment Application

    • Use the link provided in the email you received to access the Family Portal. Detailed instructions shown below.

    Step 3:  Submit Documents

    • Upload documents within the application process or submit by email to the School Registrar.  For other options, reach out to the School Registrar by phone or by email.
    • Required Documents list is located under Entrance Requirements on the Enrollment and Registration overview page.

    Step 4:  School Instructions

    • Once your application has been submitted click on this School Directory link to access all Wilson County Schools for easy access to your zoned school's website.
    • On the school website, you will see New Student Information.

    Follow the instructions provided by the school.  You can also email or call the School Registrar.

    All New Students to Wilson County Schools: Instructions for Completing the Online Application Form

    For Parents/Guardian: The Enrollment Application Form

    1. The link provided in the email takes you to the application portal for you to enter the login and password provided. (For Skyward language translation, open link in a browser or other app with a built-in translator).
    2. There are 6 steps to the application with instructions for each area.
    3. Note that anywhere you see an (*) asterisk, this is a required field.
    4. Be sure to choose the 2023-2024 year as the year you are enrolling.
    5. As you complete each step, you will have the option to complete and move to the next step or to complete that step only. Choose to complete that step only if you plan to save and continue later.
    6. Once step 6 is complete, you will see a review of all steps. All steps must show a Date Completed to the right. Each step can be viewed or edited at this time, and the application is printable.
    7. The last step is for the parent/guardian to click to “Submit Application to the District”. Once you’ve submitted the application, it can be viewed, but not edited.
    8. Once you submit the application, the system will take you to the summary page. If there is a sibling to enroll, click the button “Click to Enroll Additional Students”.
    9. If the system does not allow you to click to submit, that means it is seeing a step incomplete. Please review each step to ensure each step has been submitted, even if you haven’t added data to that page.

    For assistance or more information, please contact your zoned school's School Registrar.