What to Expect

  • At Barry Tatum Academy Alternative Program, we strive to maintain consistency in all we do. Each student is treated with respect by all faculty and staff and are expected to show respect in return. The following information is a quick overview of what parents and students should expect upon their arrival to BTA:

    • Students will be enrolled at Barry Tatum Academy and removed from their homeschool. Upon completion of their time at BTA, they will be re-enrolled at their school of zone. 
    • Students will receive an intake with the parent present. This will take place on either Monday or Thursday. 
    • During the intake, parents and students will be given a briefing of the policies and procedures of Barry Tatum Academy as well as an overview of the rules.
    • Students' academic schedules may remain the same but are subject to change based upon what we are certified to offer.
    • Middle school will be in a self-contained classroom while high school classes function similarly to a regular high school.
    • All students are here to earn the amount of points given to them by the SDHA. Students MUST earn all of their points in order to return to their zoned Wilson County School.
    • Upon completion of their points, the student will have a meeting with Mr. Caven and have explained to them the expectations upon returning to their regular school. Parents are not expected to be in this meeting.
    • While at BTA, no student may be on any Wilson County School campus without the permission of the BTA Principal or Director of Schools (the only exception made is for church attendance on Sunday and/or Wednesday nights).