Art Research Links

  • Arts Journal

    Arts Journal digests some of the best arts and cultural journalism in the English-speaking world. Each day ArtsJournal features link to stories culled from around the internet, including blogs and more than 200 English-language newspapers, magazines and publications featuring writing about arts related to dance, music, theater, arts and culture.

    Fine Arts and Music Collection

    The Fine Arts & Music Collection places 10.4 million articles at the fingertips of serious students of drama, music, art history, and film-making. More than 250 journals covered in databases are available here as well.

    Americans for the Arts

    Americans for the Arts conducts extensive primary research and compiles critical secondary research on all aspects of the arts and culture industry. They've compiled the most up-to-date "one-pagers" on a variety of topics, as well as links to some key reports published under these topics.


    At ArtCyclopedia, you can browse artists, specific genres of art, art history, museums and more information that could be relative to research topics. Besides links, in the left corner you can click on the "ArtCyclopedia" tab to lookup artists by name, title, or museums.