Dual Enrollment Information


    • Student receives high school and college credit for doing the same work.
    • Students experience college classes while still in the safety net of the high school setting.
    • Students gain confidence in their ability to do college level work.
    • It is very inexpensive for college classes.
    • Students begin a college transcript which will follow them to their post-secondary school.
    • Students may earn more than 24 hours at the high school which is equivalent to two semesters.

    Links for Registration:

    Cumberland University Application

    MTSU Application

    Vol State Application

    TSAC Grant - Must complete every year.

Dual Enrollment FAQ


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    Volunteer State Community College is proud to partner with Mount Juliet High School to provide an opportunity for high school students to get a head start on their college experience while still enrolled in high school. Classes will be offered at MJHS during the regular school day or there are also numerous online opportunities. Successful course completion allows for the student to earn high school and college credit for the same course.

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    A qualified student is defined as a high school junior or senior with a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the subject area of enrollment. Your ACT Math sub score must be a 19 if you are taking a Math class. If you are taking anything other than Math, you must have an 18 on your English sub score AND a 19 on your Reading sub score. GTE dual enrollment courses may not require an ACT, but do require a 3.0 GPA in the subject area.

    Students who have not taken the ACT may, after a referral from our office, take a test, ACCUPLACER, for placement scores. The cost of the test is $20. Students who taken the ACT and did not meet the required scores may be eligible to challenge the ACT score by taking the ACCUPLACER test in the area(s) needed. The cost is $10 per test or a maximum of $20. A referral from the Dual Enrollment office is required.

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    The CURRENT Spring 2018 fee for a 3-hour dual enrollment course was $498. (Six hours of classes cost $996.) However, fees are set in June for the following year.

    TN Dual Enrollment Grant: The Tennessee Legislature is still in session, and decisions about how the TN Lottery Grant will be funded are still being discussed. There will be information available when it is received from TSAC.

    VSCC GAP Scholarship: Decisions will be made about this scholarship once the college receives information about the DE Grant.

    Textbooks: There is an additional cost for textbooks. You are responsible for the cost of textbooks & course material for your Dual Enrollment class. To find what course material is required for your class, simply log into the MYVOLSTATE portal. Clicking on the "Pride Online" tab, then click on "Buy Textbooks Online". This will link you directly to the bookstore and will show the material needed for the classes that you are registered for.

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    Students participating in Dual Enrollment are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid (including Pell Grant, HOPE Scholarship or TN Promise). However, the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant, Fee Discounts and the Deferred Payment plan make the program more affordable.

    Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grants help cover the cost of the course fees. This information will be shared when TSAC makes it available.

    Fee Discounts: Students whose parents are public school teachers or state employees receive a 25% discount of course fees. Students whose parents are employed by the Tennessee Board of Regents receive a 50% discount of course fees.

    Deferred Payment Plan: This plan is available to allow students to pay fees in installments. The plan requires a 50% down payment plus the $25 fee for the deferred payment plan and two additional 25% installment payments. A $25 late fee will be assessed for late payments to the payment plan.

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    The student must make application to Volunteer State Community College. Instructions for applying will be given when the registration process starts with your high school.

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    If a student is going to a Tennessee Board of Regents School, the credits will transfer. The UT system varies some, but for the most part, the classes will transfer. If your student is going to a private school or to a school out of the state of TN, it is in the student's best interest to address the issue of transfer credit with the institution the student is going to attend. It is the prerogative of the accepting school to accept or not.

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What if I still have questions?

  • Contact Information:

    • The Dual Enrollment Office staff will be glad to assist you in any way they can. Email dualenrollment@volstate.edu or call 615-230-3306.
    • The Business Office will help with any billing questions. The office phone number is (615) 230-3585. Any Dual Enrollment Grant or VSCC Gap Scholarship questions should be directed to the Dual Enrollment Office.
    • The Bookstore will help with textbook questions. The number is (615) 230-3636.
    • The Learning Commons will help with students who have enrolled at VSCC who need to improve a low ACT. Students must be referred by our office before you call for an appointment. Highland Crest Campus number is (615) 433-7032.