Volleyball Overview

  • Mission Statement

    Our mission is to promote teamwork, dedication and sportsmanship. We take pride in ourselves, our team, our school and our community. We practice two to three times a week and compete on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. A good (inexpensive) pair of tennis shoes is required.

    Coaching Staff:

    Head Coach Melissa Granstaff

    Assistant Coach Melissia Kamer

Volleyball Announcements

Volleyball Schedule 2021


    Tuesday, August 3
    SS vs. WW
    At Southside
    4:30  JV
    5:30  Varsity

    Thursday, August 5
    WJB vs SS vs WTN
    At Walter J. Baird
    4:30 & 5:30  Varsity Only

    Tuesday, August 10
    SS @ WB
    At Winfree Bryant
    4:30  JV
    5:30 Varsity

    Thursday, August 12
    CO @ SS     
    At Southside
    4:30  JV
    5:30  Varsity
    5/6 Team game after Varsity

    Monday, August 16
    WW vs WJB vs SS
    At West Wilson
    5:30-6:30  Varsity only

    Saturday August 28
    5/6 Team play day 
    At Carroll Oakland
    8:00 vs CO
    10:00 vs. WJB
    3:00 vs. MJ

    Monday, August 23
    SS vs WB vs TXR
    At Southside
    4:30 & 6:30  Varsity only

    Monday, August 30
    CO vs SS vs MJ
    At Carroll Oakland
    4:30 & 5:30  Varsity only

    Wednesday, Sept. 1
    GMS @ SS 
    At Southside
    4:00  JV
    5:00  Varsity
    5/6 Team game after Varsity

    Monday, Sept. 13
    SS @ GMS
    At Gladeville Middle
    4:30  JV
    5:30  Varsity
    5/6 Team game after Varsity

    Wednesday, Sept. 15
    TXR @ SS
    At Southside
    4:00  JV 
    5:00 Varsity

    Monday, Sept. 20
    SS @ WTN
    At Watertown Middle
    4:30  JV
    5:30  Varsity, 
    5/6 Team Game after Varsity

    Wednesday Sept. 22
    SS @ MJ  
    At Mt. Juliet Middle
    4:00 JV
    5:00  Varsity

    Friday, Sept. 24
    Monday, Sept. 27
    Wilson County
    Volleyball Tournament

    Team Initials
    SS= Southside
    CO= Carroll Oakland
    WTN= Watertown
    MJ= Mt. Juliet Middle
    TXR= Tuckers Crossroads
    GMS= Gladeville Middle
    WB= Winfree Bryant
    WJB= Walter J Baird
    WW= West Wilson