Ronald McDonald can tabs are collected at WTE all year long.
  • Watertown Elementary collects pull-tab's (pop-tops) ALL YEAR LONG!! Send them in anytime! 
    Did you know that the pull tab from your soda or beverage can is part of a major fundraising effort for the Nashville Ronald McDonald House? And, by simply saving this small pop-top, you can help raise hundreds of dollars to support the families of seriously ill or injured children receiving treatment at Nashville hospitals. The Nashville Ronald House’s Pull-Tab program is an effort to collect only the pull-tabs from aluminum drink cans, and the House has an agreement with a local recycling company to receive a premium rate per pound for these tabs. So, why save the pull-tab but not the whole can? The pull-tab is made of a more pure, high-grade aluminum, so recycling companies don’t have to go through the separating and purifying processes associated with recycling the whole can. Also, saving just the pull-tab is more sanitary and convenient. And, perhaps most importantly, anyone can participate! Please send your pull-tabs with your child to the office. Your donation will be sent directly to the Ronald McDonald House of Nashville. They also collect any pop-top from food cans also.