• TXR Media Center Rules

     1. Listen and follow directions.

    2. Participate in lessons and activities.

    3. Check out books responsibly using shelf markers and good behavior.

    4. Read quietly during self selected reading time.

    5. Enjoy the library and have a great time!

Lost/Damaged Policy

  • All students are expected to be responsible for the appropriate care of their library books. Any student that loses or damages a book (to the point that it is no longer usable) will be expected to pay to replace the book thru the library. A receipt for the replacement cost book will be sent home with the student. 


  • We are glad to accept donations of gently used books for our library. Typically, we keep hardback books in the library and distribute paperbacks to the appropriate grade levels.

    A few suggestions for donating: 

    1. The book must be hardcover. Typically, these books resist the wear and tear of frequent readings.

    2. The book must be appropriate for school. Should a book be deemed inappropriate, the book will be returned.

    3. The hardback book should have a recent copyright date, no earlier than 2000 unless the book has received a Literary award.

    What can I donate? 

    1. Donate the books that your children are finished reading. This is a great way to make room in your house and give back to our school.

    2. Donate books on Tuckers Crossroads Protected Reading List.

    3. Donate books from the Volunteer State Book Awards. Visit the TASL (Tennessee Association of School Librarians) homepage or the links on our Recommendations page. 

    4. Check local bookstores or websites for suggestions.