Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten Enrollment

  • Enrollment Priorities

    Applications will open online on February 26, 2024 for the 2024-2025 school year! 

    1st Priority for enrollment is given to children, with or without an IEP, who:  

    • Turn four years old by August 15, 2024 and 
    • The family meets federal income poverty guidelines 

    If spaces are still available, enrollment is given to children who do not meet the federal poverty guidelines, but they have at-risk factors included, but not limited to the following

    • Have an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) 
    • Are in State or Foster Care 
    • Are an English Language Learner 
    • Have a parent deployed in active military duty

    Any additional spaces will be filled from the waitlist, based on at-risk factors determined by the Community Pre-K Advisory Council and date of completed application. Families will be notified after September 15 if additional spaces are available.

    This is an application process. Admittance to the program is based on the priorities listed above.

    Application Directions

    • Visit New Student Enrollment
    • Scroll to Instructions for Completing Online Enrollment
    • Read through the two options (currently have a student enrolled in WCS and need to enroll a new student OR you are new to the WCS system)
    • Follow the directions under the option that applies to you
    • Complete P4 application and upload required documents. You will not be able to go back in and upload documents once submitted.
    • Once you have submitted your complete application, the Pre-K department will review and process your application, and someone will contact you regarding your application status.

    Application Documents

    Please have the following documents available to upload to your application:

    If your income verification is not uploaded to your child’s application, our department will not be able to process your application. The application will remain incomplete until proof of income is submitted. Once you submit your application online you will NOT be able to go back in and upload additional documents. Please make sure you are completing the P4 application (Pre-K 4 year old).

    • Official Birth Certificate
      • must be the official birth certificate not the mother’s copy
    • Current Shot Record (with signed physical)
      • the physical section 1b will need to be signed and dated by the physician. It must be within one year of the start of school (August 2024) per board policy. If your child will need updated shots and a physical during the summer that is fine. You can upload the shot record that you currently have and email me the updated form when you receive it. Your child will not be able to begin school without this.
    • W-2s or most recent tax return
      • VPK is an income based Pre-K. You must provide proof of income for each parent/guardian in the household in order for us to process your child’s application. The first priority for enrollment is given to families who meet the 2024 US Health and Human Services Poverty Guidelines. Even if you do not believe you will qualify based on income, you must still provide proof of income. If you do not have a W-2 or most recent tax return, you can provide 4 consecutive pay stubs for each parent / guardian working in the household.
    • Two Proofs of Residence Examples:
      • TN Driver’s License or Photo I.D. with current address
      • Mortgage/Lease Statement for current address
      • Current Public Utility Bill such as water, gas, electric or landline phone bill (cell phone bill not accepted). Utility bills provided as proof of residence must be dated within 30 days prior to enrollment.
      • Motor vehicle registration with current address
      • Current employment record (Example: most recent check stub with home address)
      • Voter’s Registration Card
      • Documentation from TN Department of Human/Children’s Services for benefits with current address
    • Driver’s License or Photo ID of parent/guardian
      • this can include a passport or other form of photo ID. If the current address is listed this can be used as one of your proof of residences.
    • Custody Papers with Parenting Plan (if applicable)
    • IEP and/or Evaluation (if applicable)

    Zoned School/Transportation

    If you need help finding what school you are zoned for, visit the Bus Route Lookup. Choose K or 1st for the grade. If you choose P4 it will say "not available" because bus transportation is not provided for Voluntary Pre-K. Parents must provide transportation to and from school.

    Because we do not have a VPK at all elementary schools, your child can attend Pre-K at another school and will return to their zoned school for Kindergarten. You can still input your zoned school on your child’s application and we will check to see which school with VPK is nearest to your home.


    For additional information or questions visit wcschools.com or contact: 

    Jessica Humbles
    Elementary Secretary 
    615-444-3282 ext. 7801

    Brooke Carr
    Pre-K Lead  
    615-444-3282 ext. 7434