Facilities Use & School Support Organizations


    The Facilities Use application template and procedures may be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page. The actual application is a carbon copy and may be picked up at any school location. The Administrator of each school is the first contact for a request to use the facilities. If approval is granted by the Administrator, an application with all requested information must be signed and submitted to the Wilson County Schools Central Office for review and final approval before use of the facilities is allowed.


    Only a group or organization that has entered into a written cooperative agreement with the Board of Education may use the name, mascot or logo of a school or the School District to solicit or raise money, materials, property, securities, services, or any other item of value.

    A School Support Organization is defined as “a booster club, foundation, currency brokers, parent/teacher association, parent/teacher organization, parent/teacher support association, or any other non-governmental organization or group of persons whose primary purpose is to support a School District, school, school club, or academic, arts, athletic, or social activities related to a school, that collects or receives money, materials, property or securities from students, parents, or members of the general public.” (TCA 49-2-603)

    Documentation and information pertinent to School Support Organizations may be accessed using the links at the bottom of this page.

Facilities Use & School Support Organizations Documents