What is a School-Parent Compact?

  • A School-Parent Compact is an agreement that families, students, and teachers develop together.  It explains how families and teachers will work together to make sure all students reach grade level standards.

    The compact will include:

    • A students’ need focus
    • Ways families can help their student.
    • Communication between home and school.
    • A connection to the School Improvement Plan

Our Goals for Student Achievement

  • District Goals

    For the 2018-2019 school year, the Wilson County School System will:

    • achieve one year’s growth or more in literacy and numeracy for all students in grades 2-12.
    • increase the percentage of students scoring on-track or mastered in reading/language arts and mathematics.
    • increase the average composite ACT score to a 22 and increase the average percentage of students eligible for the HOPE scholarship.

    School Smart Goals

    • Our standards are aligned to core instruction. This will help us reach our goal in literacy and math of at least a level 3 TVAAS score.
    • We have targeted interventions for every student based on their needs, which are closely monitored by continuing assessments such as Star 360 and EasyCBM.  Our school wide staff works with students falling below the 25 percentile in order to help them achieve the skills they need for their grade-level and help us reach our goal of increasing the numbers of students that are proficient on the TNReady assessment.

Teachers, Families, Students - Together for Success

  • In the Classroom

    In the classroom teachers will work with students and families to support their academic success. Some of the ways we collaborate with families are:

    • Parent Surveys
    • Teacher websites
    • Teacher Newsletters
    • Agenda
    • Weekly Folders/Email

    Be sure to let your child’s teacher know how you would like to be reached.

    At Home

    Tuckers Crossroads school families can partner with our school and can support student success with teaching, learning, and mastering the challenging state standards in the following ways:

    • Attend at least one school event each year
    • Check for School Communication Daily
    • Communicate your needs
    • Read 20 minutes a night with your child
    • Review Skills that will help your child be successful (ex: math facts, sight words, ABC and number flashcards,
    • PTO

    We welcome families to submit new ideas throughout the year.


    Tuckers Crossroads students will do the following to strive academically:

    • Set Academic Goals
    • Participate in Class
    • Study with a Friend
    • Stay Well-Rested
    • Good Attendance

    When teachers students and families work together we CAN achieve our goals!

Communication About Student Learning

  • Tuckers Crossroads is committed to communicating effectively with families.  Some of the ways we communicate are:

    • Weekly folders
    • School website
    • Skyward
    • Parent Teacher conferences
    • Parent workshops and meetings
    • Email
    • Home School Connection
    • Social Media
    • Progress Reports

Activities to Build Partnerships

  • Join us during the year for fun family events. 

    • Open House
    • Initial Parent Meeting
    • Parent Teacher Conferences
    • Literacy Nights
    • Parent Workshops
    • Book Fairs/Kindergarten Fair
    • Fall Festival/Spring Market

     We strive to create opportunities for families to be involved at school by providing learning strategies they can use at home with their children.  Together we will ensure the success of all students.


  • The families, students, and staff of Tuckers Crossroads School developed this compact.  Teachers and families made suggestions, and students thought of ways they could be successful academically. Meetings and events are held each year to review the compact and have input based on our students. 

    Families are welcome to contribute comments and suggestions at any time. 

    Please contact our Instructional Coach, Daniell Bennett at bennetted@wcschools.com or call 615-444-3956