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    Click the Google Play or Apple App Store link above to download. 
    (TIP:  If searching for the district app in the app store, be sure to look for the Wilson County Schools TN district logo) 

WilsonK12TN Mobile App Tutorials

  • Follow Schools:

    • Tap "Follow Schools" icon
    • Tap "Follow Schools"
    • Select one or more schools to follow
    • Tap "All" or choose which sections to follow

    Allow & Receive Notifications:

    View Newsfeed:

    • Tap "News" icon
    • Scroll through school & district news, headlines, announcements, & events

    View School Menus

    • Tap "Menus" icon
    • Select breakfast or lunch menu to view

    Add Calendar Events to Device:

    • Tap "Calendar" icon
    • Select event.
    • Tap "Add to device calendar"
    • Give app access to calendar, if necessary
    • Tap "Add" in top right corner to add new event



    • Tap "News" icon
    • Scroll to event
    • Tap "+"
    • Tap "Add" in top right corner to add new event

    Share Content and Events Via Email, Text, or Social Media:

    • Tap "News" icon
    • Scroll to the content or event you would like to share
    • Click the "share"  Share Icon   icon on the bottom right of the content box
    • Choose your share method (email, text, social media)


    • Tap "Follow Schools" icon
    • Tap "Select Language"
    • Choose one of over 100 languages


    • Check out the other icons available for quick access to other school & district information

Questions about the WilsonK12TN App?

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