Cross Country

Coach - TBD

GOOD LUCK to our GMS XC Team!

2020-2021 Coaches & Things to Know


    Gladeville Middle School Cross Country 2020




    Micah Grenz

    Cassidy McCallister -

    Christa Hughes -

    Daniel Kirby

    Wally Irvin



    • Forms and Physicals (dated after April 15, 2019) are needed before your student can run!


    • What Athletes need: Cushioned Running shoes, water, & appropriate shirt & shorts to run in.



    Cross Country Basics

    • All kids run all races except State Meet which we must qualify for
    • Courses are 2 miles long on grass, over hills

    Contact Info

    • We need your contact info to communicate with you

    Forms needed

    Expectations of your Child

    • To listen when adults are talking
    • To keep their hands to themselves
    • No phones during practice
    • Work hard
    • These apply to Cross Country and in school

    Our Philosophy

    • Work Hard - Learn - Have Fun - Win

    Communication Channels

    • Email and Google Document will be primary,
    • There will be a Facebook group to share pictures and info

    Shoes and Spikes

    • Cushioned running shoes, do not worry about spikes yet


    • We will be stretching, conditioning, running, and stretching again
    • The more you run without getting hurt the better runner you will be
    • You get out what you put in

    Uncomfortable vs Pain

    • To get better you must be uncomfortable
    • Aches vs Pain
    • Medical conditions - Tell Us!


    • $40-50 fee instead of fundraising

    Parent Volunteers  

    • We always can use more help to make the year run smoothly