Book Club

  • The Book Club will meet once a month after school in the library.

    This year we will be participating in Battle of the Books! 


    Battle of the Books logo


    What is Battle of the Books?

    It is a competition involving teams of up to 5 students. Each team will read books from the official Battle of the Books list, and we will meet as a Book Club throughout the year to discuss the books and create study materials. In the spring, all of the teams will compete against one another, answering questions about each of the books in rounds of 10. Each question will be phrased: "In which book..." and the answer will be the title of the book. Teams will have 30 seconds to confer and answer the question. The winning team will go on to compete in the county competition in May.

    If you would like to be involved in Book Club and Battle of the Books, stop by the library for more information!

    Also, you may follow the GMS library on Instagram (@gladevillemslibrary) for Battle of the Books information and updates. 


    Battle of the Books Reading List (2019-20)

    Membership Form

    Google Classroom Code: 6xbm655