Certified Application Process

  • Step 1: Complete online application and be sure to include the following:

    • Resume
    • College Transcripts
    • Copy of Praxis or NTE scores
    • Copy of your Tennessee Teaching License (or a letter from your university stating that you have completed all requirements for licensure) 
    • Please upload your electronic files on the ATTACHMENTS page of your application.  If your documents are not already in electronic format, you should scan them to a file and upload them.  There is a computer and a scanner available in the lobby at the Wilson County Board of Education should you need one.

    Step 2: Applications will be reviewed for completion, eligibility requirements, academic standards educational and work history, and system needs. 

    Step 3: When a vacancy occurs, administrators will contact the most qualified applicants for interviews.  Principals will conduct the initial interviews and make a hiring recommendation to the Director of Schools.

    Your application will be retained in active status for one year from the date of application.  During that year, you may add or update information to your application at any time.

    Again, we appreciate your interest in the Wilson County School System and wish you the best of luck in your job search.

    Please note - Applicants applying for English as Second Language positions will have English language skills assessed in all four domains:  reading, writing, speaking, and listening during the interview process.  For details on our plan for hiring teachers working with English Learners click here.



Classified Application Process

  • Step 1: Complete an online application and be sure to include the following:

    • Employment history, including employer name, name of the immediate supervisor, and phone number
    • Education history (if applicable)
    • Three references, including name, phone number and email of reference

    Step 2: Applications are reviewed and hiring directors/principals will contact the most qualified applicants for interviews.

    Step 3: Interviews are conducted and a hiring recommendation is made. 

    Step 4: Candidate's application goes through a final HR review and, when completed, the candidate will receive an email with instructions to  complete new hire forms online.

    Step 5: The candidate will also receive an email containing directions on registering for required pre-employment screening appointments (background and drug screening).  The background check will cost $35.15 to be paid for by the applicant.  Applicants will be eligible for reimbursement once the hiring process is complete, the original receipt is submitted to Human Resources, and they have begun working upon clearance of all screenings.  Reimbursements will be processed once per month.   

    Step 6: Upon receipt of the pre-employment screening appointments, the results are review and, when cleared, sent up for final approval within the HR department. 

    Step 7: The candidate will receive an email once the application file has been fully approved requesting they schedule their final appointment with HR. 

    Please note this process can take 7-14 days and the sooner you respond to the items in step 4, the faster the application can be fully reviewed and approved. For questions, please call Angie Rowland at (615) 453-4676.