Alternatives to the Typical High School Experience in 2020-2021

  • The typical high school experience for students in 2020-2021 offers students the courses for which they are enrolled in their high school. These courses may include standard, honors, AP, CTE, statewide dual credit, local dual credit, and dual enrollment courses and may be offered in traditional, remote, or hybrid settings this school year as determined by the Director of Schools. Other options for high school students are listed below:

    Alternatives to the Typical High School Experience

    Wilson County Schools High School Options 2020-2021 Video


    Virtual Learning Program

    Students may enroll in virtual instruction for standard-level, basic high school graduation required courses provided by WCS high school teachers for the fall semester. Parents may select this option through the registration process opening on July 8, 2020 in Skyward. We will not accept requests for virtual learning past July 17, 2020. Students may participate in extracurricular activities at the school in which they are registered. WCS will make a determination by 11/30 regarding virtual learning availability in the spring.

    Barry Tatum Academy*

    Students who apply to Barry Tatum Academy's online school and are accepted may take online high school courses for the school year. Students who are enrolled in BTA's online school are no longer enrolled in their school of zone and cannot participate in other high schools' extracurricular activities.  Application opens July 13, 2020.

    Early College Program at Cumberland University*

    11th and 12th graders who meet all eligibility requirements for Cumberland University's Early College Program and are accepted into the program, enroll in 5 specific college courses at Cumberland University's campus each semester to work towards an Associate in Arts degree.

    The Collegiate Academy at GHHS*

    11th and 12th graders who meet the eligibility requirements for Wilson County Schools and Volunteer State, complete the out-of-zone request to attend GHHS, complete the dual enrollment grant application and who are accepted may attend the Collegiate Academy at GHHS. Applications due July 24. (All Volunteer State courses will be online in the fall semester.

    Collegiate Academy at GHHS Student Transfer Application 2020-2021

    The Collegiate Academy at Green Hill High School is open for student enrollment until July 24, 2020. Wilson County Schools’ want to make sure that parents have additional options for the upcoming school year to address any concerns. No transfers will be considered after 4:00 pm on July 24, 2020. Transportation for students granted transfers shall be the responsibility of the parent or guardian and students will not ride Wilson County School buses to and from school. Finally, the building principal may revoke a transfer if the student’s attendance, behavior, or academic performance is unacceptable.

    Early Graduation

    A student who meets all graduation requirements as established by the State of Tennessee and the Wilson County School Board may graduate early (fewer than eight (8) terms in attendance) by meeting the guidelines for early exit to post-secondary or early exit through hardship. Please see board policy 4.2031 for details.

    Dual Enrollment

    Wilson County Schools has partnerships with Cumberland University, Volunteer State Community College, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, and MTSU to provide dual enrollment opportunities to eligible students. To be eligible for dual enrollment students must be 11th or 12th graders with a 3.0 GPA, a 21+ on the ACT test (or equivalence on a college-entrance exam), have a recommendation from high school principal, and meet any other specific entry requirements for the college or university to which they are seeking admissions. Any expenses associated with dual enrollment are the responsibility of the student. There are, however, dual enrollment grant funds available and possibly some college scholarships that can assist with expenses if the student meets eligibility requirements, applies for the assistance, and is awarded this financial assistance. Students interested in dual enrollment should contact their school counselor for further details and application materials and to seek guidance on enrolling courses in courses that would fulfill high school graduation requirements.


    *These programs may require additional costs that will be the responsibility of the student. (Course fees, textbooks, materials, etc.)