Family Guide to Remote Learning

  • Step 1:  Log into Classlink

    Step 2:  Click on Thrivist
    Thrivist is our Learning Management System.  You will find your digital classrom there by subject.

    Step 3:  Click on the Class
    Navigate to your student's class and click to open.

    Step 4:  Start Learning
    Students can click on any of the items list to start learning.

    Guide to Using Thrivist at Home

Guide to Translation Programs

  • Google Translate

    Google Translate is a free, online application available on most devices. It can also be used without internet connection once downloaded onto your device. Google Translate can be used to translate text, handwriting, speech, and websites in over 100 different languages.

    Follow these directions to download Google Translate:

    • On your computer, install the Google Chrome web browser if you have not already. Google Chrome includes the Google Translate feature.
    • For iPhones and iPads, download the Google Translate app from the Apple App Store.
    • For Android devices, download the Google Translate app on Google Play Store.

    Microsoft Translator

    In addition, Microsoft Translator is a free translation and transcription service that allows text and speech translation through cloud services in 73 different languages.  

    Follow these directions to download Microsoft Translator: