Exceptional Education Overview

  • Exceptional Education has developed a comprehensive four-part plan for each District learning model which address the following:

    • Operational and Compliance Systems that include transportation, technology resources and infrastructure, staffing and compliance procedures;
    • Quality Instructional Programming that will provide support in the areas of curriculum selection, instructional delivery models, and access and use of instructional technology for our students;
    • Social and Emotional Supports Systems to address the social-emotional development of our students and staff;
    • Stakeholder and Family Engagement that includes establishment of virtual training program for Exceptional Education parents and the circulation of a parent newsletter.

    Questions about the Department's Operational Re-Entry Plan can be directed to Angela Barnes at barneang100@wcschools.com.


Exceptional Education Virtual Conference for Parents 2020

ESL Overview

McKinney-Vento Overview

  • McKinney Vento Logo

    • All districts must support the educational stability of homeless students per the federal McKinney-Vento law and as outlined in Tennessee's Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan.
    • Parents/Guardians complete the Student Residency form in Skyward and designate their residency status.
    • School level liaisons will run a report and contact parents/guardians to inquire about needs and determine if the student should be coded as McKinney-Vento.
    • Additional information is available under the Students and Families tab on wcschools.com or contact Anne Barger at bargera@wcschools.com