Graduation Ceremony and Policies


    In order to participate in the commencement exercises (graduation), a student must fulfill all graduation requirements as stipulated by the Tennessee Department of Education and the Wilson County Board of Education.


    To be eligible for either Valedictorian or Salutatorian, students who enrolled as ninth graders in 2018 and thereafter must meet the requirements as outlined in Board Policy 4.602. Students who enrolled in ninth grade prior to 2018 have been grandfathered into the class rank system.


    Move on When Ready (TDOE Policy)

    The Move on When Ready Act provides public high school students who wish to graduate early with the opportunity to graduate high school early and gain entry into a postsecondary institution.  A public high school student may complete an early high school graduation program and be eligible for unconditional entry into a public two (2)-year institution of higher education or conditional entry into a public four (4)-year institution of higher education, if the student fulfills each of the following requirements:

    • Earns eighteen (18) credits that include:
      • English I, II, III, and IV
      • Algebra I and II
      • Geometry
      • United States History
      • Two (2) courses in the same world language;
      • One (1) course selected from:

    (i) Economics
    (ii) Government
    (iii) World Civilizations
    (iv) World Geography 

      • One (1) course selected from:

    (i) History and appreciation of visual and performing arts
    (ii) A standards-based arts course, which may include studio art, band,
    chorus, dance, or other performing arts

      • Health and Physical Education (Wellness)
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
    • Has a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 on the Uniform Grading System four (4) point scale;
    • Scores at the on-track or mastered level on each end-of-course assessment taken
    • Meets benchmark scores of twenty-one (21) or higher composite score on the ACT or an equivalent score on the SAT;
    • Achieves a passing score on a nationally recognized world language proficiency assessment; and
    • Completes two (2) early postsecondary courses.

    *A student pursuing early graduation through the Move on When Ready program may take two (2) high school English courses in an academic year.
    *A student pursuing early graduation through the Move on When Ready program shall complete an intent form available from the Department of Education and submit it to her or his high school principal and the Department of Education. Intent Form
    For other early graduation opportunities, please refer to policy 4.203.