Credit Recovery

  • Credit recovery is an option for high school students in the Wilson County School System who have failed to earn credit in a course taken through a Wilson County School or who have been approved by the Director of Schools. Admission to, and removal from, credit recovery programs may include, but not be limited to, attendance, discipline, availability of coursework, availability of space, appropriate progress, and grades.


    In order for a student to be eligible to enter credit recovery, the following is required:

    1. The student’s parent and/or legal guardian gives written consent for the student to enroll in the proposed credit recovery course(s). Parents/guardians should be informed that not all postsecondary institutions will accept credit recovery courses for credit and that the NCAA Clearinghouse will not accept credit recovery courses for credit.
    2. The student has previously taken an initial, non-credit recovery section of the proposed course and received a grade of not less than 50%. Students who receive a grade of below 50% in the non-credit recovery section of the course must re-take the course.

    If a student is seeking to recover credit for the first semester of a two semester course, the student may not receive full credit for the course until they have enrolled in and passed the second semester of the course and taken the end-of-course (EOC) examination, if applicable[1].


    Once a student is enrolled in a credit recovery course, the student shall:

    1. Complete a course standard-specific diagnostic to determine standard-specific goals;
    2. Meet individual standard-specific goals in a flexible time frame as established by identified student need;
    3. Master all individualized skill-specific goals as established by the diagnostic process in order to earn credit; and
    4. May be required to complete additional assignments as directed by the local board of education credit recovery policy and/or credit recovery teacher of record, in order to earn credit.


    1. Students will receive grades in accordance with the Wilson County Schools Credit Recovery Guidelines.
    2. Students passing credit recovery shall receive a final grade of seventy percent (70%).
    3. The student transcript shall denote that credit was attained through credit recovery.
    4. The original failing grade will be listed on the transcript, but shall not factor into the student’s GPA, in accordance with the State Board of Education’s Uniform Grading Policy (3.103).