Local Dual Credit Courses

  • Local dual credit courses are high school courses that are each aligned to a local postsecondary institution’s course and exam. Students who pass the exam earn credits that are accepted and/or recognized by the local postsecondary institution upon student enrollment to the college or university . Courses are taught by licensed high school teachers or certified college instructors approved by the school system and the postsecondary institution. 

    High schools may offer local dual credit courses at principal’s discretion with district approval and an MOU on file with the partnering college or university. 

    Weighted grades for local dual credit courses will be awarded in accordance to Board Policy 4.600.

    Each of these courses qualifies as an EPSO upon a student's successful completion of the course and if necessary an attempt of the challenge exam. Students may need to pay a testing fee to attempt the challenge exam or pay a transcription fee to have the credit noted on the college transcipt. 

    Wilson County Schools offers the following local dual credit opportunities in 2021-2022 school year:

    C18H18 Organizational Leadership & Communications: Introduction to Agriculture Leadership Dual Credit Challenge Exam (MTSU)

    C18H11 Agriculture Business & Finance:  Agribusiness: Fundamentals and Applications Dual Credit Challenge Exam (MTSU)

    C18H30 Principles of Plant Science & Hydroculture: Introduction to Ornamental Horticulture Dual Credit Exam (MTSU)

    C18H27 Large Animal Science: Introduction to Animal and Veterinary Science Dual Credit Challenge Exam (MTSU)

    C18H21H Honors Veterinary Science: Dual Credit Challenge Exam Animal Science (MTSU)

    C12X00 Computer Applications: Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Cumberland University)

    C12H25 Advanced Computer Applications: Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Volunteer State)

    C10H14 Coding I: Local Dual Credit (Volunteer State) 

    C10H15 Coding II: Local Dual Credit (Volunteer State)

    C30H01 Criminal Justice II: CRMJ 1010 Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Volunteer State)

    C30H02 Criminal Justice III: CRMJ 1360 Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Volunteer State)

    C14H09 Human Anatomy & Physiology: Medical Terminology Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Volunteer State)

    C31H00  Marketing and Management I: Principles of Marketing Dual Credit Testing (Volunteer State)

    C31H05 Entrpreneurship: Principles of Marketing Dual Credit Testing (Volunteer State)

    C29H11 or G04H36 Personal Finance: Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Cumberland University)

    G08H02 Lifetime Wellness: Dual Credit Challenge Exam (Cumberland University)