Early College Program and Dual Enrollment Extreme

  • Wilson County Schools is pleased to partner with Cumberland University to offer eligible juniors and seniors a full-time college-experience through which students simultaneously earn high school and college credits towards a future degree pathway. 

    Early College

    The Early College Program is a program in which qualified high school juniors and seniors participate in college courses offered by the university's professors on the university's campus. Students in the Early College Program have the opportunity to complete 60 semester hours of college credits in four semesters (5 courses each semester), completing the requirements for an Associate of Art degree at the same time that they complete their high school diploma.

    Courses will be offered to a cohort of students from area high schools on the university campus. Course offerings will ensure that participating students will be able to return to their high school campus to participate in programs and athletics that take place in the afternoons.

    Who can participate?

    To qualify for the Early College program for the fall of 2020, students must:

    • Be recommended by their high school counselor and/or principal as being academically prepared to engage in college-level work, and possess the maturity and responsibility to ensure success.

    • Have a minimum unweighted high school grade point average of 3.0.

    • Have a composite 21 ACT with sub-scores of 22 in Mathematics and 20 in English. (If rising juniors have not been able to take the ACT, the university is offering a substitute test on July 17th on campus.)

    • Submit all required documentation and registration forms. (School forms and University forms)

    How much does it cost?

    For those eligible for the TSAC dual enrollment grant, the estimated cost for tuition for 60 credit hours is  approximately $6,000. An estimated maximum cost for books and materials is $200-$250 per semester. These fees are subject to change without notice.

    Will I be a full-time college student?

    Yes. You will attend all classes on the university campus, and be considered a Cumberland student. That means you will be issued a Cumberland University student ID, have access to all campus resources, such as the Tutoring, Counseling, and Career Services centers, as well as all campus facilities and events, etc. Early college students may audition to participate in musical and chorale ensembles, including the marching band. However, Early college students cannot participate in collegiate athletics, and will not have access to the Jimmy Floyd center since they do not pay access fees. AND, all your courses will be scheduled to conclude by 12:30 so that you can return to your high school campus to participate in clubs, activities, and athletics as normal.

    How do I apply?

    Students seeking to enroll in the Cumberland University Early College program should apply using the Undergraduate Student application on the Office of Admissions website. When selecting “Academic Interest,” please select "Early College". After you submit your application, please work with your counselor to have your high school transcript and test scores sent to the Cumberland University Office of Admissions.

    Dual Enrollment Extreme

    Dual Enrollment Extreme is available to seniors who would like to full-time enroll in college-level coursework (minimum of 12 hours per semester) on Cumberland University's college campus to earn credits for high school graduation requirements and earn college credits that do not necessarily align with the requirements of an Associate of Art degree.

    The same eligibility requirements, application process, and benefits for Early College Program apply to the Dual Enrollment Extreme Program.

    Dual Enrollment Grant 

    Students' guardians are responsible for all costs associated with their student's participation in Early College and Dual Enrollment Extreme with Cumberland University.
    There are, however, some funding sources to help reduce the costs of these college courses.
    Rising 11th and 12th grade students may be eligible for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant to reduce costs of college courses. Students must apply for the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant by the specified deadlines to be eligible. If 11th and 12th grade students are awarded the Dual Enrollment Grant, students will receive the below distribution of grant funds:
    Up to $500 – Course #1
    Up to $500 – Course #2
    Up to $200 – Course #3
    No Award – Course #4
    Up to $100 per credit hour – Course #5
    Up to $100 per credit hour – Course #6
    Up to $100 per credit hour – Course #7
    Up to $100 per credit hour – Course #8
    Up to $100 per credit hour – Course #9
    Up to $100 per credit hour – Course #10
    Other Funding-Related Dual Enrollment Grant Requirements:
    A student may receive funding for one (1) course per semester. To receive funding for two (2) additional courses per semester, the student must meet the minimum HOPE Scholarship academic requirements at the time of dual enrollment. For more details, please see the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship eligibility requirements.
     Students who receive the Dual Enrollment Grant amount for more than four (4) dual enrollment courses over the junior and senior years will have the amount reduced from their Tennessee HOPE Scholarship on a dollar for dollar basis.
    College courses attempted and the number of years enrolled as dual enrolled students shall not count against the 120 semester hours and five (5) years limitation for the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship program.
     The Dual Enrollment Grant shall be used for lower division (courses numbered 100-200 or 1000-2000) postsecondary degree-seeking courses.
     *Please visit this link to learn more about this grant and the eligibility process: Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grant