Advanced Manufacturing Courses

  • Advanced Manufacturing Programs of Study 

    • Mechatronics 
    • Welding


    Optional Course that can replace any Level 4 CTE Course

    • C25H16 Work-Based Learning: Career Practicum (WBL)
      • 1 credit, up to 2 credits per year, open to grades 11 & 12
      • Admission into this class is by application only. A student must have a 90% attendance rate for the semester immediately preceding enrollment in this class. Their place of employment must correlate to their chosen Elective Focus and a significant portion of the hours worked must be during the normal school day.
        Students must be enrolled in a CTE that is related to their job. Students must maintain school attendance of a minimum of 90%, passing grades in all courses, and be able to legally drive to the job site. This course allows students to leave the school campus daily to gain real-world occupational experience.

    Welding Courses

    • (C13H03) WELDING I (C13H18) WELDING II DE
      • 2 credits, open to 11th and 12th-grade students that meet dual enrollment requirements
      • EPSO: Dual Enrollment course through TCAT 
      • Welding I is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to effectively perform cutting and welding applications used in the advanced manufacturing industry. Students enrolled in this course will develop proficiency in fundamental safety practices in welding, interpreting drawings, creating computer-aided drawings, identifying and using joint designs, efficiently laying out parts for fabrication, basic shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), mechanical and thermal properties of metals, and quality control. Upon completion of the Welding I course, students will understand the requirements to pursue the American Welding Society (AWS) Entry Welder qualification and examination and will be prepared to undertake more advanced welding coursework.