Other Approved Courses and Descriptions

  • The below courses provide students opportunities for enrichment, remediation, intervention, and preparation. 

    Success Skills Through Service Learning (a.k.a. Nature and Needs) (C15H13N)

    This course offers students not only the opportunity to teach, but also the opportunity to learn from students with disabilities and to shape attitudes of inclusiveness.  Students in this course will have the opportunity to develop teaching skills, practice academic and social skills, become advocates and learn valuable advocacy skills, and explore realistic career opportunities.

    • Grade Level:  12
    • Prerequisite: NA
    • Minimum Credit: .5
    • Maximum Credit: 1


    Graduate On Time (G25H10)

    Credit recovery is a course-specific, standards-based extended learning opportunity for students who have previously been unsuccessful in mastering the standards required to receive course credit. Credit recovery programs, in general, have a primary focus of helping students stay in school and graduate on time. Students must have parents complete and sign the Credit Recovery Application before participating in credit recovery.

    • Grade Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
    • Prerequisite: NA
    • Minimum Credit: 0
    • Maximum Credit: --