Registration 2021-2022

  • 2021-2022 Program of Studies

    2021-2022 Program Videos 

    Wilson Central High School Academic Profile 2020

    Typical 9th grade courses

    English 1

    Algebra I

    World History and Geography

    Agriscience or Biology

    Lifetime Wellness

    Fine Art

    Elective Focus


    Typical 10th grade courses

    English 2


    Biology or Chemistry - depends on 9th grade Science course

    PE .5 credit paired with appropriate other .5 credit course

    World Language 1

    Elective Focus


    Typical 11th grade courses

    English 3

    Algebra 2

    US History

    Chemistry or Another Lab Science

    World Language 2

    Personal Finance paired with another .5 credit course

    Elective Focus


    Typical 12th grade courses

    English 4

    Senior Year Math

    US Government .5 credit paired with Economics .5 credit

    Elective Focus 

    Elective (s)



  • Wilson County Schools Graduation Requirements

    4 credits English

    • English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4

     4 credits Math

    • Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra 2, 4th Math
    • Must take a math class each year.

    3 credits Social Studies (four courses)

    • World History & Geography, US History, Economics (1/2 credit), Government (1/2 credit)

     3 credits Science

    • Biology, Chemistry OR Physics, and one other lab science

     1/2 credit Personal Finance

    1 credit Lifetime Wellness

    1/2 credit PE

    1 credit Fine Arts

    • General Music, Band, Chorus, Dance, Theatre, Art

     2 credits World Language

    • Both credits in same language

     3 credits Elective Focus

    3 credits Other Electives



    • ACT--Students who are enrolled in a Tennessee Public School  any time during their senior year must take the ACT to graduate. The state provides a free ACT in spring of junior year and one in fall of senior year.
    • Civics Test--Students must taket this test in order to graduate.
    • Civics/Government Project